West Wing fans - great price on DVDs

<p>Great news, football100! I hope momof2inca learns this in time to buy at this price. I just sent her a PM.</p>

<p>Thanks, Football!</p>

<p>I've never watched West Wing, so this isn't something I would normally buy, but I'm a sucker for good deals. I'll have to think about it (quickly, of course!).</p>

<p>One more reason that I LOVE CC. I just logged back in and got two PMs about the sale at Target. Went online and got the complete set for $74.99! But it gets better. Right before I clicked purchase (which was fast because I was worried they would raise the price just like Amazon did), I remembered I had a $30 gift card in my wallet. I used it and got the price down to $45! The shipping is only $2.50 or so. Yay! S will be SO happy and surprised. The retail suggested price is $300. </p>

<p>Thank you to Football for spotting the deal and thanks to NYMomof2 for posting this in the first place.</p>

<p>Corranged... you should splurge and get this for yourself. Knowing you from the "Elections" cafe, you would fully appreciate the wit and sentiment of this series. You will have hours and hours of entertainment. It's actually one of those shows that I can watch more than once. "The Office" being the other one.</p>

<p>I'm so glad you got it for even less than you would have had Amazon honored the $75 price. What a fantastic deal!</p>

<p>Yes, it's a great deal for West Wing junkies (other folks might be shaking their heads!). I was pretty sad about missing the Amazon deal by a few minutes, but I'm happy now. I can't wait to see S's face when he opens it. This was the kid that "borrowed" each season set, as we got them, to take away to college for months at a time. He shared them with friends (you should see how beat up the covers are on the first few seasons). Some of my happiest memories from his high school years are of us sitting together on the couch on Wednesday nights watching Josh, Toby and Jeb. </p>

<p>And an interesting note about buying online at Target.com... you can use your Amazon online account to pay. You just type in your email and password and you don't need to enter any more information. Makes it so convenient.</p>

<p>momof2inca, The set I bought is going to be a Christmas present to me from my husband (left to his own devices, he comes up with very odd things). I'm looking forward to watching all those episodes with S2. We don't watch much TV here, but do watch movies on DVD, mostly from the library, sometimes. I don't have many DVDs, but I do have all 4 available seasons of Mary Tyler Moore. S2 likes to watch those with me; he loves them. Now that he is 15, I have to try hard to find things he is interested in doing with me. S2, fortunately, is 10 and still loves to do anything with me.</p>

<p>Oh, you are so lucky to have your 2 home with you still (mine are both away). I think S was about 15 when he became interested in politics and we started watching West Wing together. I will hope that you and S1 will have many happy times. I remember when we first got the DVD set (as opposed to watching it on TV), we would watch four or five in a row... we would get to the end of one of them, and one of us would always say "one more?" and the other would pause and finally say "okay. ONE more." They are so addicting. Your S will learn a lot about the federal government and US politics from the show. And his vocabulary will increase! (Just a caution, the very first two or three episodes have a bit of adult-level plot twists having to do with a call girl and marijuana. It's a total side story, but it gives the impression that the show will indulge in adult situations. I guess they made the pilot sexy and then decided they really wanted to go for smart. After those episodes, however, it's all very appropriate for mid-teenagers, IMO.)</p>

<p>Thanks for the tip, NYMomof2, football100, et al. My husband and I just began the series--we're about five episodes into season 1, renting from Netflix. I just took advantage of the Target sale and can now turn the Netflix queue back over to the kids!</p>

<p>momof2inca, S1 has been interested in politics and government for a couple of years now, and I think he will be instantly hooked on this series. We sometimes do the "one more?" with the Mary Tyler Moore, but we find that those are better in one-episode chunks, because there aren't that many of them. I think that with 154 episodes of WW, we will be able to watch several in a row as you did.</p>

<p>Mary13, I'm so glad you were able to take advantage of the deal!</p>

<p>NYMomof2 -</p>

<p>Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I happened to see your post this am - about 11:30 or so and bought it right away for me and my daughter - we loved WW when she was in HS!
Seconds after my purchase they put the price back up but the best things was I had a $50 GC from Amazon to use with it and got free shipping as well!</p>

<p>I am glad momof2inca got hers from Target.com - I was feeling so sad.</p>

<p>JustAMomof4, you must have ordered before 11:20 EST because I tried at 8:20 PST and the good deal was history (even though, as I said, it still listed for the low price). I wonder if you got the last one! :) :) I'm glad we both got a good deal... and your gift card made it even better...yay!</p>

<p>It must have been right around 11:20 - my confirmation email came at 11:28.
It happened so fast - I couldn't believe it! I NEVER have good luck like that - Karma was definitely on my side!</p>

<p>I had just returned from shopping at Target where I got season 2 and 3 of House for $14.99 each. I have two kids who don't have TV at school and they are gonna be happy!</p>

<p>My email confirmation came at 11:23. :) I'm happy to hear that those of you who missed this great price were able to find a similar deal. TWW is such a good show, and as I've said before, largely due to the extensive cast being filled with accomplished theatre actors, and being conceived of and written by Aaron Sorkin, a playwright.</p>

<p>I have learned there is a difference between ordering an item and receiving an item.
I ordered the West Wing DVD from Amazon with another book using the free shipping.
It put my ship date out to Dec 16th which was fine as they are Christmas gifts.</p>

<p>Just got an email yesterday - both items are scheduled to ship between Dec 19-22nd for a Dec 24th delivery date. Cutting it close.</p>

<p>ARGH! ! ! !</p>

<p>Not getting the West Wing for Christmas. My new "estimated Ship date is Jan 20th - Feb 3rd.</p>

<p>^^ Me too. I guess I will have to put a picture of it in the box for D. Darn them.</p>

<p>I'm in the same boat and I ordered from Target on November 28th. It was such a good price, there must have been a run on the DVDs.</p>

<p>I am so sorry! As the thread starter, I thought I'd done something good by putting you all onto a good deal. Now I feel responsible for the disappointment!</p>

<p>My DVDs came quite a while ago. Are any of you near Westchester Co, NY? I'll be glad to give someone mine (one of my presents from DH) to use on Christmas. I don't really care about waiting.</p>

<p>I'll check in tomorrow to see if anyone wants trade a WW collection today for a WW collection next month (as in, I'll pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today....)</p>

<p>Ah ... fond memories. My DH got me the series last year, and I know, GULP, he didn't get it for 74.99. LOL Both my kids got hooked on this while they were in middle/high school. I know this show's one of the reasons they both read Time magazine from cover to cover, and knew more going into their AP Gov class than most kids after several weeks. In fact, my s's teacher had to ask him not to answer questions because he was one of a few who knew things like, who the secretary of state was ... or what a census was and how it was calculated. <g> This year my D, who's a H.S. senior watched all the debates and both conventions, Republican and Democrat. I know if she'd been old enough to vote, whatever her decision, she'd have at least made it with more insight than some adults have going into a voting booth. </g></p>

<p>I so love intelligent drama that doesn't treat the audience like we're all bubbleheads. :)</p>


<p>NYMomof2 - you are so sweet.
I don't really mind waiting - I did have visions of a WW marathon over New Years! I can wait. My daughter for whom I ordered the DVD has a birthday in March. I have time to get the set, watch it in the dead of winter and give it to her in March - LOL.</p>

<p>zebes - so true, so true.....</p>