Western Washington EA date

There’s not a lot on CC about WWU, but I thought I’d see if anyone knows –
EA notification says Dec. 31 but I know some schools mean that as a latest date you’d be notified. Does WWU send EA notifications out in a batch on Dec 31 or do they evaluate them as they come in and send notifications earlier? If earlier, how long did it take you to hear back between submit date and accept day?

My kid got his acceptance almost immediately. Applied on a Sunday, heard he was accepted the next day on Monday! It’s rolling. Still waiting to hear if he’ll receive any merit scholarships though.

When my 2020 HS grad applied there, they notified on a rolling basis, and they offered scholarships a few weeks later.

Did they notify him to check his portal or did he get an email? My daughter should be a safety here but hasn’t heard anything, and I’m pretty sure she checks the portal frequently. School just uploaded transcripts into Naviance the other day, so maybe it wasn’t considered complete yet?

Ohmygosh, thank you for this tip! She got accepted yesterday! We are over the moon! Does anyone know what “acceptance with distinction” means?

I chatted with admissions this morning and they said financial aid packages won’t be released until spring. Do they send out merit scholarships separately from financial aid?

DD admitted to WWU (no info on WUE yet)

-Major: Admit, not major specific (applied for Computer Sci but it has prerequisites,)
-SAT 1540
-National merit semi-finalist
-Acad GPA: 4.1 W / 3.6 UW
-9 APs (including Comp Sci, Physics 1 and 2, Calculus AB and BC)
-4 year PLTW-Engineering pathway
-Strong ECs including varsity sport, participation on county student advisory group on mental health, Founder President Psych club, PT job as tutor etc
-Decent common app essay

Other admits: OSU, Arizona State, NAU, NJIT, Colorado State and a couple of safety Cal States