What activity do you hope to try or continue in BS?

You can just list one or two things you’re most invested in (you don’t have to list everything). It’s interesting to see how diverse the CC community is!

For me, I would want to continue playing the violin (and maybe the piano). I would also want to join a ski team/club and the math team. I also want to pick up Chinese again. For Choate, I want to join the Arts Concentration Program.

I would like to try crew, sailing, archery, and nordic skiing (I do alpine skiing atm). I also want to explore robotics and coding more in depth.

The organ =)

I don’t even play the organ what am I talking about.

Maybe try out a few sports too cause I’m so lazy and unmotivated ahaha =)

I’d love to try crew, it seems so interesting.

oo same =D

Crew is cool!

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Same I really want to try crew too!

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Lol relatable :clown_face::v:

I already skate, but if I go to a school with Ice Hockey, I want to play!(I already know all the rules and stuff so I should hopefully pick it up fast)

This might seem unrealistic, but hopefully I’ll be able to!