What are ideal study hours on a weekday?

<p>I can never get any work done past dinner. And before that, I'm resting after a day at school.</p>

I can never get any work done past dinner.


Somewhat true.</p>

<p>Weekday: 1700-1900, 2000-2300
Weekend/non-schooling days: 0800-1200, 1330-1600, 1700-1900, 2000-2300</p>

<p>One of my friends wakes up at 4-5 AM and gets his studying done then.</p>

<p>The ideal amount of study time is exactly 2.45 seconds.</p>

<p>I'm just kidding. If you're "resting" between school and dinner, and you aren't doing work AFTER dinner, it means you're probably goofing off. Anyway, you can fix that.</p>

<p>Have you tried scheduling in a certain time to study? Studying is something that you have to make time for. Put on your calendar something like, "Monday, 6-9. STUDY." If you make an "appointment," you're more motivated to do it.</p>

<p>If you really DON'T have time after dinner due to extenuating circumstances beyond your control, you should schedule studying right after you get home from school or before you go to school.</p>

<p>As a last resort you could always study the entire day on Saturday and/or Sunday. I'm talking 6-8 hrs. I find it's more convenient to study throughout the week and only half that amount on Saturday.</p>

<p>on weekdays, I usually dont get home from extracurriculars/after school socializing till like 6. then i eat and chill till 7. so, for me, the best time is 7-12, with a one hour break at 9:15 to post a facebook status that will get a maximum amount of likes.</p>

<p>After marching season (when everything is screwed up), I usually study after dinner from like 6:30-8:30 to give myself time to practice trombone beforehand.</p>

<p>I study/read texts/do homework from 3 PM (gives me about 30 minutes to eat when I get home and settle down) then just keep working and studying until I'm ready for the next day, usually around 6-8 depending on the workload.</p>

<p>I am one of those people who wake up at 5 am to do everything and it works well</p>

<p>^ Me, too. Sometime four a.m. It depends on my workload.</p>

<p>literally, I have done no homework at home so far this whole year. I've gotten it all done in my other classes or at lunch, and I still made all A+'s.
^.^ love my easy high school.</p>

<p>My ideal study hours are when my brother isn't on the computer laughing loudly to stupid Youtube videos... which is a rare occasion.</p>

<p>If I can get in time though, it's usually after 8:00.</p>

<p>3:00-6:00, 9:30-done</p>