What are my chances and should I submit early or regular decision

I know the deadline is today for early action for the application. My SAT scores are 1770. My GPA is low, middle of the class. I am a star boy scout, OA member, NYLT for scouts, life guard, concert band at school, perform in plays at school, honor roll a few times. Was a member of the football team for 3 years and have wrestled all years in high school. Lettered as a sophmore and captain of wrestling team for my junior year. Numerous volunteer activities for scouts, community and school. Class officer for my freshmen and sophmore class. I applied for AIM, but did not got accepted. I really would like to attend the CGA. I was planning on submitting Early but my AO said only if it was the best my application could be. I am currently not doing well in statistics and just took the SAT for the 3rd time and taking the ACT at the end of the month. All in hopes of improving my scores. I also am not taking PRECAL this year. My AO said to either try to take it at a community college or an online program. Wondering what my chances are and what should I do to improve them to get accepted. I have completed the physical aspect of the exam, I am in excellent shape. I have always had an interest in marine life, but feel my engineering skills are not up to the standard they would accept. Thinking going Government route with the intelligence. Any advice and what are my chances?