What are my chances at getting into NUS Business School?

Hey guys!

Academics :-

  1. Scored 92.4% in CBSE Boards - XII Grade
  2. Scored 96.64 - XI Grade
  3. Scored a 10 CGPA in CBSE Senior Secondary Examinations - X GRADE
  4. Scored a 1220 on SATs


  1. Played Basketball at National and State levels being the Captain and the Vice-Captain for the past 4 years. i) Nationals - 2015 - Vice Captain ii) State- 2016- Vice Captain iii) State- 2017 - Vice Captain iv) REQFEST 2018 - Captain - Winners v) DESPORTIVO 2018 - Captain - Runner up vi) AWES 2018 - Captain - Winners vii) CBSE Clusters 2018 - Captain
  2. Awarded the Most Valuable Player at REQFEST 2018 U-18 Basketball Tournament.
  3. Been a part of the school council for the past three years i.e. i) House Prefect - X Grade ii) House Captain - XI Grade iii) School Sports Captain - XII Grade 4.Received a Special Mention as Turkey at EMUN 2017. 5.Participated in a collection drive conducted by Helpage India.

What are my chances of getting in NUS Business School for Business Administration?

NUS weighs academics highly. I received an offer with 97.5% CBSE. Did you make it in? I wish to connect with fellow NUS offer holders 2019 intake. Feel free to Whatsapp 7760460924