What Are My Chances At The University of Tampa

unweighted gpa: 3.7
weighted: 4.0
SAT: 1190
AP classes taken: Psychology, English Language, U.S History
Future AP classes: English Literature, Macro, Micro, Physics 1, Biology
Extra Curricular Activities: Writing Center, National Honor Society, Italian Club, Yearbook, Tennis
Race: Pacific Islander (Sri Lanka), caucasian
Planning to major in Biology with pre-vet concentration
Planning to be active on campus
Rhode Island Resident

Well, I can’t say for certain, but it looks like you have good odds. I was just accepted and received their presidential scholarship ($14,000). I applied EA with a 3.4 unweighted GPA and 30 ACT. I have taken about the same amount of APs, but I took United States History, World History, and Environmental Science. Good luck if you did or do apply, and you definitely look like a strong contender to me!