What are my chances at Yale-NUS College (Class of 2024)?

I’m an international student (I’m from India) looking to apply to Yale-NUS this year. I’m specifically interested in majoring in Life sciences. What do you think my chances are with the following stats?

SAT: 1550 (800 EBRW, 750 Math)
SAT Subject Tests: Yet to take the test
School Courseload: English, Physics, Chem, Math, Bio
(I do the ISC board, which is an Indian curriculum)

Converted GPA (weighted): 4.0 on a 4.2 scale
Current average in school: 85% (this is the bit that worries me)

Topped my school in the grade 10 ICSE Board Exams and won several merit awards for my academic performance.

Have consistently won the annual General Proficiency awards in my old school for academic achievement from 2014-2018

Extracurricular Activities:

  • National level debater
  • Won speaker awards and team awards in numerous local debating tournaments
  • Several awards in Model United Nations, including winning Best Delegate two years in a row at Harvard MUN India
  • Member of the Organizing Committee and Executive Board for several school Model UN conferences
  • Learnt music for 8 years, passed several music exams (Grade 6 Musical Theatre, Grade 4 Classical Singing, Grade 3 Music Theory, Grade 3 Piano)
  • Participated and won awards in several local and national level quiz competitions
  • Participated in several national and global science fairs. Was one team out of 10 teams selected across India to be a part of the Intel Girls in Technology Showcase 2017

Please be brutally honest - do I have any chance of getting accepted?

@blrcollegekid24 Have you heard back anything from YNC after your interview?

And Have you applied for FA?

@maddy09 I haven’t heard back from them, and yes, I applied for FA

@blrcollegekid24 Hi did you get in?

anyone here from nepal, accepted to Yale Nus?