What are my chances for Direct Admission Kelly

Could someone please give me an understanding of where I stand for Direct Admissions for Kelly?

SAT: 1300 but likely to go Test-Optional

GPA: 4.4/5.0

Here are the Kelley Direct Admit threshold requirements copied directly from the Kelly School of Business - Future Freshman webpage: https://kelley.iu.edu/programs/undergrad/admissions/future-freshman.html

"STEP 3: Meet GPA and test score criteria

  • Earned the required test score:
    • a composite ACT score of 30, or
    • an SAT score of 1370 (Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math)
  • Earned a cumulative GPA of 3.8 on a 4.0 scale in high school. We will use the highest GPA that is sent to IU Admissions from your official high school transcript. In most cases this is the weighted GPA."

" Petition for Kelley Direct Admission
If your record does not meet the criteria above or you wish to apply under test-optional guidelines, you will need to petition through our website to be considered for Kelley direct admission. This is called a petition and we encourage you to make the effort—more than 65% of submitted petitions are approved and the process takes just 10 minutes to complete.

The Kelley Admissions team does not inform students that they did not meet the criteria for direct admission. If you did not meet the requirements, the Kelley School does not know you’re interested in direct admission unless you petition.

Typically most competitive petitions exceed the direct admission criteria in either test scores or GPA. For instance, a student might have a 3.9 GPA or 32 ACT.

The middle 50% of approved petitions for fall 2020 were:

GPA: 3.70 to 4.0
SAT superscore (Math and Evidence-Based Reading & Writing): 1290 to 1390
ACT superscore (Composite): 28 to 32

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Right I saw that but the reason I was asking is that I don’t have an unweighted GPA and I am test-op which doesn’t fit into any of those categories.

You should be able to calculate unweighted GPA using your final letter or percentage grades in each class. Look up a 4.0 scale and don’t add any points for AP/honors. Even though they use weighted GPA for admissions, your UW will give us better context for what type of student you are overall.

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I have a 3.65 but took 8 AP Courses

IU takes the highest GPA off your HS transcript, will your weighted GPA be on your HS transcript? If so, you will meet one of the two direct admit criteria. After you apply, you then fill out the petition asking for direct admit (which you have to do because you are applying test optional). Submit the petition immediately after applying…do not wait to hear first if you are accepted to IU.

Your HS GC should be able to help you too.

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As noted above, you will need to petition for direct entry if applying test optional.

Without more detailed information about your qualifications for business school–such as non-academic activity–it is very difficult to offer an assessment of your chances for direct admission.

If set on attending business school, be sure to apply to several other schools.

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I think you have a good chance! Two of my son’s friends got in this year with lower stats than yours and did not take as many AP classes.

Admission chance for IU Kelley DA through petition with 1200 sat and high GPA 3.9 UW / 4.5 W (do you think going test optional would be better in this case if I am the class of 2022). I have pretty good ECs but I know Kelley does not look at that. Also, out of state!!

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Admission chance for petition to Kelley with 3.87 gpa and 29 ACT? Wrote essay about my online sneaker and apparel business.

If I have a weighted gpa above 3.8, and it is reported on my transcript, am I eligible for one of the direct admit criteria’s? My unweighted is slightly below 3.8, but my weighted fulfills the criteria, so can I still apply direct admit?

I’m asking this because on the incoming freshmen website, it says they look at the weighted gpa but also says 3.8 on a 4.0 scale

Let me know


They take whatever GPA is on the transcript. Apply early as IU is rolling. If in doubt, it is better to petition as it is a pretty easy process with a short essay.

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Yes, a 3.8 wGPA, if on your transcript, satisfies that direct admit criteria. If you have the minimum test score too, then you do not have to petition for direct admission and you will be admitted once they review your app.

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Thanks man