What are my chances for top universities in Canada (BCA + PGDCA) for MS in CS?

My profile:
CGPA: BCA ( 9.82 ), PGDCA( Will be starting by Nov )
Research Paper: 1 published in Springer, 1 going on
Internship: From next month
GRE: 312 (thinking of attempting again)
TOEFL: remaining
Projects : 3 (2 in android (1 with copyright and launched at play store), 1 Machine Learning
I am planning for MS in CS in UofT, UofW, UBC.


UBC has an info session on the 27th - https://www.grad.ubc.ca/prospective-students/graduate-degree-programs/master-of-science-computer-science

I can’t find any info on GRE score expectations, but I expect your GRE scores are a little low. See if you can retake and get your quantitative score > 80th percentile (163 or higher).