What are my chances for UW, YorkU, and UofT?

I am a Canadian citizen that has done all of my education in the US. I am currently a senior and plan on applying to york, Waterloo, u of Toronto, and a bunch of others in the US, but my preference would be in Canada for the 2021 fall admissions.

I’ll have taken 9 AP’s by the end of my senior year. I had received mid-high unweighted A’s on both of the AP Comp sci classes offered at my school and will have a high B+ unweighted in AP calc AB at the end of this semester. My overall unweighted GPA is 3.65.

My grades alone are not stellar, but I have put in a lot of work in computer science already including a personal portfolio website that I coded and hosted on Github, currently interning at a computer engineering company called 7Factor where I work on front-end and back-end on a vue.js based system. I have also attended hackathons and completed 2 6-month long specializations from the University of Michigan on Coursera (w/ certificates shown on my website) for python and web development.

I have a bunch of EC’s but nothing like a leader of one etc, and my ACT score is a 30 (I’m going to take another one). I plan on applying for a co-op program but I just want to test the waters and see what other people think of my personal stats. I know a lot of these schools are very competitive and to top it off I’m Indian so I don’t think it’s helping my odds.

Canadian universities won’t care about your ethnicity. Which program(s) do you intend to apply for?

Admission requirements to Canadian universities can vary significantly by major with engineering and CS usually the most difficult. You will be evaluated as an American applicant as that is your educational record.

Computer Science or Computer Engineering

Your chances are low at U of T and Waterloo because of your GPA. You have a good chance at York. Have a look at Ryerson too.