What are my chances of getting in again?

<p>So I got in for this fall as a transfer student, but unfortunately I had some personal issues this past spring which got me booted out of my parents’ house. These issues were all ongoing during the semester and just exploded when finals came. I got accepted as a City and Regional Planning major with a 3.21 gpa. My gpa dropped A LOT due to this past spring and thanks to this summer I was able to get back in the 3.0 range, but it will increase after this fall is finished. My current gpa is 3.07, and if all goes well this fall I should go up to a 3.4. Unfortunately Cal Poly doesn’t look at your gpa after the fall is done so I am pretty much screwed with my gpa.</p>

<p>I work and fend for myself now, I only have one class to re-take from the spring this fall, and I’ve expanded the list of references I have now as far as recommendations from employers and teachers go. That’s all I’ve been able to improve given that I only had a summer to make things as right as possible. Cal Poly was and STILL is my number one choice, and I’m really sad that things had to go wrong and lead to me losing my Cal Poly admission. But as long as I can apply I still have a chance, and nothing will stop me from trying again. So what do you guys think? Do I have a shot at getting in again?</p>

<p>Some colleges will allow you to defer your admission. This means that you do not have to enroll this semester, but you can wait up to a certain period of time (usually one full year) to enroll, with no negativity seen on your behalf. If you defer, you also will not need to send in any additional testing, scores, etc. You should call the admissions office and see if you have the option to defer your enrollment asap.</p>

<p>Sorry I forgot to mention that I LOST my admission to Cal Poly, and I am applying again for next year. I'm wondering what you guys think my chances are for next year. Sorry for the mix up again, my fault.</p>

<p>Contact the school, tell them your story and reapply. Cal Poly loves people who don't quit.<br>
Choose some back up schools just in case, but communication is the most important thing.</p>