What are my chances of getting into UofT?

I am a Canadian citizen planning to apply for the University of Toronto’s early consideration in Computer Science and Rotman Commerce (probably St. George). I read over the Waterloo list and it seems that the adjustment factor at the school I attend is a lot lower compared to the average of other schools.

First off, my grade 11 courses are probably going to be considered, but they aren’t that great. While I got a 94% average, my math grade was only in the high 80s. However, after spending my whole summer studying, I made phenomenal improvements in math. I’m likely going to get close to 100% in advanced functions at the end of this semester. Considering my best 6 courses counting those from Grade 11 as well as my two courses right now, I’m probably going to get a mid 90 average. However, I’m really worried because I’ve heard that for the required courses, they look at the one in grade 11 to project the possible grade for those courses if they haven’t been taken yet in Grade 12. I only have calculus last semester, and I’m worried that the high 80 I got in Grade 11 is going to be a stain in my application even if I’m doing extremely well in advanced functions…

Regarding EC’s, I have a dozen, but I don’t really have anything noteworthy in terms of leadership or having a title in any club. Furthermore, I’ve only participated in a few hackathons. I know that these programs are probably very competitive so I just want to know, what are my odds of getting into CS or Rotman? Or should I wait to apply later?

Thanks in advance for any help! It’s much appreciated.

@Remi123 There is no advantage to waiting to submit your application. You cannot control your adjustment factor or your marks in grade 11. Submit your application now. Do the best job you can on the supplemental applications - those are under your control. The supplements will make or break your application.