What are my chances?

<p>Here my profile:
I'm going to take 3 AP classes this year and retake the SAT this October+November (on practice tests i usually score 1950)</p>

<p>Honors 'n' Awards:
Member of school sport team:
-Olympic Games-1'st in the city
-President Games-2'nd in the city+ every year I take place in all-school competitions and get 1'st,2'nd or 3'rd places
-Vladivostok Green Maraphon-3'rd in the city
Member of the Cheerleading team:
-2013-2'nd in the city tournament
-2014-1'st in the city tournament
Member of the Dancing Team,spesializing on Korean dancings:
-2013-Gangam Style+Traditional Korean Dance-4'th place in the city tournament
-2014-K-Pop-3'rd place in the Primorsky Region Tournament
-HSHSS member</p>

<p>Individual Sports:
-2002-2009-Gymnastics, lots of medals and honourable letters
-2009-2012-Athletics, lots of medals and honourable letters
-2012-2014-Ju-Jutsu-winner of the All-Russia Championship</p>

-honourable letter from the Marine State University
-I am working in the Vladivostok city center with children with disabilities
-worked as a translator on EducationUSA University Fair
-in 2013 participated in parade,devoted to the day of the Navy,received the honourable letter from the officer
-in 2013 received an honourable letter from the Mayor of Primorsky Region
+I am a honorable member of EducaionUSA Vladivostok City Club</p>

<p>Elective courses:
Design Class in 10'th and 11'th grades
Introduction into Korean Culture,10'th grade
Advanced Russian Grammar,9'th grade</p>

<p>Extra-Curriculars & Activities (in high school or college)
School Dancing Club
EducationUSA Club
Sport+Cheerleading Groups</p>

<p>Work Experience
Dental Clinics</p>

<p>I'm sorry it's so long..all the replies are greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>It’s really not that tough to get in. As long as you don’t have an extremely horrible GPA, or completely bomb your standardized tests, it sounds like you should be pretty set on getting it. Are you thinking about joining fall '15? Because, if so, you would be in the same graduating class as I!</p>

<p>Yep,fall '15-thats it)But collegeboard reduced my SAT score enormously,'cause my original one was ‘suspiciously high’ and left me with 1720 =_____= so I’ll retake it in January…</p>