What are my chances?

Hello, I am a female high school senior from Panama, currently considering applying to UMiami and Illinois Tech for Architecture.

Let me know how much chance do you think I have at each and if you have other suggested school with great intl financial aid instead I would appreciate it.

Here are my grades and extracurriculars


  • Rank: has not been disclosed by my school but definitely Top 50%
  • Unweighted GPA: 3,4 out of 4.0 - My school does not have honors or APs so no weighted GPA.
  • Not submitting SAT or ACT, I’m submitting a portfolio instead that contains around 7-9 pieces.
  • I’ll submit the required TOEFL score but have not done it yet doing it next week. I expect to do good lol.
  • Also, my school does not have the IB program.
  • Aside from that I also have a French DELF B2 Diploma.

Flag Football: Currently play on 3 teams. Team Captain since 2016 and represented my country on international tournaments in Mexico and the United States.

Debate Club Press Corp: I edited and recorded videos and took pictures for the debate conference of my school. Press member since 2018.

Church member: Aside from going to confirmation classes every Friday I also occasionally attend church activities, reunions and friendly soccer matches. Since 2019.

Dance: Participated on school dance shows and presentations since freshman year and occasionally went to a dance studio near me.

Operation Smile: In 2018, I participated in a money fundraiser for the organization

Talent Show: In 2019, my class organized a Talent Show where I was a member of both decoration and the tickets committee. My job was decorating the gym where the show took place.

Hobby - help me out here!
I dunno if this counts but I’m like a (unofficial) college counselor as a hobby hahaha my friends tend to ask me for help bc I have been researching since like 10th grade and they are now thinking what they’re gonna do.
Also I take care of my lil sister I saw that I could put it in the Family section but not sure If I should

Last year I won a wall mural decorating contest for my French class first place and a Reading Comprehension Contest in Spanish Week.

What are my chances?