What are my chances?

So, I just finished my applications for Andover, Exeter, and Milton and I’d like to know my chances of getting in, since I’ve seen applicants more qualified than me.

I’m nonbinary (afab), from Maryland, my mom went to Milton. I’m applying for financial aid although I most likely won’t get it even if I am accepted. I got a 2310 on the ssat (797 verbal, 755 quantitiative, 758 reading) and was in the 98th percentile. I’m also biracial (Indian and white).

I did alright in my interviews, I definitely did well in the Exeter one and pretty well in the Milton one. My Andover interview hasn’t happened yet, though.

I definitely have pretty good to great recs.

For my extracurriculars, I do viola, guitar, XC, drama, and I mentioned creative writing. I am also one of the leaders of the GSA equivalent at my school.

I did a high school level mandarin course in sixth grade and I went to CTY (Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth) from the summer after second grade to the summer after sixth grade (it was canceled this past year).

My essays for Milton were about the large Indian family on my mom’s side and how they’ve influenced me and about failures and perseverance for the other one.

For Exeter, I talked about the racism in my city and how growing up here as affected my viewpoint. For the other essay, I talked about how I’m seen as quiet but I’m more than people’s first impressions of me.

For Andover, I talked about listening to music and making my own music as well as learning about books and writing. These were probably written the best.

I don’t think I forgot anything important, but please let me know if I need to answer any questions. :slight_smile:

Tell us about your academics - grades, courses and school (and what grade you are applying into).

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Oh, yeah, right, I knew I forgot something!

I’m in Algebra II, otherwise I’m just in normal courses.
I have a B for the semester in that, I have an A- in Spanish, and then I have an A in History, English, and Science. I have an A+ in Latin, Drama, and Music.

I go to a private, all-girls school in my city that’s pretty well known. I’m applying for 9th grade. And yeah! Sorry, I completely forgot about that bit.

Also, I don’t really remember my grades last year but I know I had an A+ in math- unfortunately I don’t have access to older transcripts.

You will competing in the all A’s crowd with those schools, but you are way more interesting. Hope you bubble up to the top.