What are my chances?

<p>Im a junior right now looking to apply to GWU ED I in the fall…</p>

<p>White Male
Pottsgrove High School (outside of Philadelphia, Pa)
GPA: weighted 102.3/100
Rank: 7 / 270
SAT: Reading - 550
Math - 640
Writing - 590</p>

<p>Activities - Junior Class President
History Club
Model UN
Junior Statesmen of America
President of National Honor Society
Spanish Club
Key Club
Math League
Stock Market Club
Tutor elementary students 5 hours a week</p>

<p>ok there are 2 things wrong with this thread.</p>

<p>1-You're a junior, stop asking about what college youll get into worry about that in like 8 months. Its annoying when juniors post chance threads. At this point you have no chance cause you haven't applied yet.</p>

<p>2-This is not the gw site...................</p>

<p>2 things...</p>

<p>I'm "looking" to apply to gwu....however...i also want to see my chances at other schools of interest</p>

<p>also..since when is it too early to start preparing for college?</p>

<p>well then mention bentley cause that post seems like you meant to post it on gw. And i didnt say it was too early to prepare, its just annoying when juniors are all worried about their chances while most others are seniors who have better uses for this website!</p>

<p>You have a great chance of getting in. The only concern is your SAT but i think with your GPA and your EC's you will definitely get in with a scholarship.</p>