What are my limitations?

<p>I started at the community college level and did not do so well 3.24 GPA (i really did not know what I was interested nor did not really have much academic ambition.</p>

<p>Since transferring to the University of Central Florida I have done much better. I am finishing a dual major: Accounting B.S.B.A and Finance B.S.B.A (finance being what I am more interested in)</p>

<p>I have a 3.7* UCF gpa.<br>
I have a 4.0 gpa in my finance classes
I have a 3.7 gpa in my accounting classes</p>

<p>I have done this while working 40 hours a week for a company has gone from a $10M a year in rev to $50M in rev and have some decent achievements to show such as taking over a department and improving profitability by 10% during a downturn of demand. </p>

<p>However due to working so much, I lack EC's like belonging to organizations and community service.</p>

<p>how much does this hurt or help me ?</p>

<p>Its my random BA classes that kinda brought my gpa down (marketing, service learning etc) mainly due to lack of interest.</p>

<p>I usually earn High 600's low 700's on the practice GMATs that I have taken. I really want to get my foot into the door with a top business school.... </p>

<p>My main question is will my community college GPA put a severe damper on my chances of getting into a top business school ?</p>

<p>I don't know much about business school admissions, however, a 3.2 GPA is very respectable. Plus, your overall GPA of 3.7 is great and is more recent.</p>

<p>I'm not in business but from what I've gleaned from my business school friends, your work experience is what matters, alongside your GPA and your GMAT scores. As far as I know most graduate programs don't really care about organizations and extracurriculars especially if they are unrelated to your degree. The business school isn't going to care that you didn't join a sorority or play club tennis; they're going to be far more interested in how your business raised revenues so quickly and what your role was in that.</p>

<p>How do you manage to work 8 hrs a day and double major? Just wondering</p>