What are my Transfer chances at UC Santa Cruz

I am a male US citizen, and california resident. I went to SJSU for 3 years, and a CCC for 2 years. I will be applying from the CCC.

Intended Major(s)
I am applying to UCSC for Molecular Cell Development and Ecology & evolution.

My gpa is unfortunately a 2.88.
I had a 2.5 at SJSU and a 3.1 at my CCC

I had major health issues that took me to the ER at least twice a month for the last 6 years.

I took all the required biology, chemistry, physics, organic chemistry, math, and english classes for transfering.

I dont have any awards after highschool. The only award is the President Volunteer Service Award in my senior year of highschool.

I mentored a highschool robotics team for 3 years. I was the lead mentor for my final year. That is one of my essays.

I also wrote about how I overcame my medical issues to do better in school over time. I overcame three neurosurgeries and all my issues to have an upward trend.

One of my essays is also how I have spent my time taking care of my disabled mother. And how that has taught me how to be more structured over time.

So im applying to all UCs, but was wondering about my chances at UCSC for those two majors. Also if anyone has recommendations for where to apply with my GPA.

Thank you

To clarify, my gpa was a 3.0 two years ago, a 4.0 for the last year, and this year a 4.0 so far as well. So I am likely to finish the year with a 3.5 at my CCC. The issue is that they look at the gpa when you submit the apps, right? End of the year only to verify :frowning:

that should help with admit rate and GPA range for every major at each UC. It looks like 3.5 should put you in pretty good shape.

Since you are coming from a CCC, TAG should give you a specific path and GPA threshold. Did you sign up for TAG?

An upward trend will definitely be helpful. I agree with @NCalRent that hopefully you participated in TAG for UCSC. Yes, they will consider your cumulative GPA but doing well these last 2 years will increase your chances.