What are some ECs which will set me apart

What are some ECs which will really set me apart from the pool. Upto now my ECs are:

  1. Wrote 2 books on Machine Learning Theory with Python which is available on amazon
  2. Intern at International Model United Nations as a Campus Ambassador (By the UN and Australian Embassy)
  3. Intern at CRY (top 100 non profit) for 1 month
  4. Founded a Non Profit Startup in India
  5. Founded an Online Machine Learning Forum
  6. Published a few Research Papers on Machine learning algorithms
  7. Digital Artist on Twitter, creating NFT art on foundation.org every week
  8. Section Leader at Stanford’s CODEINPLACE platform, tutoring students around the globe programming languages.
  9. Programming as a hobby - fluent with Python, Javascript, CSS, HTML, web dev, app dev, machine learning
  10. Launched an app on Playstore

I need something unique which will increase my chances at Ivy Leagues, MIT, Stanford, etc.

You’ve done enough. You have a single digit chance at getting into an Ivy as an international. Nothing else you could do at this point will change that. Good luck.

Just wow. If they don’t let you in that would surprise me.

If they don’t get in, it would NOT surprise me. They are an applicant from India who needs a full ride to attend college here in the US.


ECs need to be things YOU want to do with some commitment and strong interest. Trying to pick an EC to set yourself apart is a futile effort. Do what you love, love what you do.

The schools you mentioned have international admission rates from your region that are under 5%. Apply and see…but free advice…you need to cast a broader net than just applying to the Ivies, MIT and Stanford.

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That does make sense. Sorry I was just thinking academic and what they done but you are totally right.

You have got some impressive but very diversified ECs here. IMO, I would spend the next 6+ months focusing and thoroughly developing one or two of them. Think along the lines of quality and not quantity.

What on your list of ECs is most important and meaningful to you? I’d love to hear more about your non profit in India or your NFT art. Those stand out to me. Let’s face it, lots of kids applying Ivies and others today publish papers, write books, intern with impressive companies, and are programming hobbyists. You want to stand out. Be unique.

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Thank you so much. The non profit I founded is based on a robotics project that I made in my freshman year at high school which helps visually impaired people to sense objects around them. It is in the form of a spectacle with sensors which would vibrate according to the distance of the object from the person. We raised money and we worked with a company to mass produce the product with the raised money (We also recruited some people to help out)and supplied multiple schools which house these people with this unfortunate disability. All the fundraisers also got a video of the person they sponsored with the device.

NFT art has been very popular in recent days, and Ive just started creating some art and posting it on foundation.org. I would like to substitute this with my main interest which is Machine Learning / Data Science because I honestly spent a lot more time on this rather than NFT art. (I’ve been into graphic designing generally since 2018 but NFT art started springing up recently, march of 2021)

Yeah actually I have a list of safety schools to apply to. Everything in my list is something I am passionate about, but I was worried it won’t be enough. thanks

Now we’re talking!
This is fascinating and unique. Some of your other ECs run the risk of screaming privilege. Not this one.
Stay the course and continue to build this one. Invest time and resources to share YOUR story and how this project has changed the lives of others. IMO, this stands out and puts you in a class by yourself.
Good luck. Looks like you have a brilliant future.

You will be successful regardless of where you go to college.

If the ivys say no, it has likely nothing to do with you not being “good enough”.


thanks. it’s good to hear