What are the best California Colleges to double major in film and something else?

Is it even possible to dual degree in film and something else at a California College? I want to get degrees in both film and psychology (or at least double major) but I’ve been researching and I haven’t been able to find any good quality film programs that offer either double majoring or dual degrees. My father really wants me to get into a UC, and so it’s been difficult trying to decide what my safetys and goal school will be, so I’m trying to see what school would best suit what I want to get out of college. Please let me know if I can even accomplish what I’m trying to do, I’m worried I’m asking too much of myself.

My S21 is applying to film schools. Not in CA though. From what I can see, doing anything but film is difficult. Typically most film degrees are a BFA which is very intensive and takes a deeper dive into your major. There’s just no time built-in for another major unless you would consider 5 years of undergrad. If you’re just interesting in something like film history then I would think it’s possible.

what are your stats, budget and other interests?

Agree with @Chmcnm. Film programs are not only very tough to get into, especially in CA schools, but very intensive…that’s why you’re not finding any with double major options.

Have you looked at USC and/or LMU? I’m not super familiar with their programs, but I seem to recall they both have film majors. Check Chapman, as well.

No school is going to allow you to apply with a double major. Double majoring is something you need to work out with the college departments and your academic advisor after you matriculate. You need to look at the flexibility of each colleges film curriculum. What about a minor instead?

USC apparently encourages a double major for its Cinematic Arts students

The above three schools are top rated film schools and will be very hard to get in.

At Loyola Marymount University (LMU) film is a BA and you can double major in Almost anything. With the core requirements, it is very easy to double major in philosophy and psychology! The film program is also ranked top ten in the country! You don’t apply as a double major (although you can mention it in your why LMU essay If it’s important to your life goals) but you apply for a double after you get in and usually start after your first year at LMU. Your advisor will help with this.

From what my editor has told me, Chapman requires students to double major but only in a major related to their primary major. As a film student at CSULB, I can tell you right now that any film school in Southern California demands a lot from students. I can’t even minor in anything because I have to stick with a strict schedule for the next 2 years. You might have to choose something related to film theory or film history which sounds more loose.