What are the chances of getting in George Washington University 2024 RD?


3.89 weighted GPA
1420 SAT score
Didnt turn in the supplement essay
4APs in Junior year, 4 APs in senior year
14 honors courses including senior year
Junior year APs - AP Lang, AP Physics1, AP Env Sci, AP Psychology
Senior year APs - AP Biology, AP Stat, AP calculus AB, AP Human Geo

Tuturing for 300 hours

Interested in Columbian college of Arts and Science

Also, visited college and applied for financial aid

Have good recommendations from counselor and teacher…and also good essay

What major did you apply for? Also, not doing the supplement essay is a surefire way of getting rejected. Those essays may be labeled “optional” but really aren’t. They’re to weed out the lazy students.

I chose pre-medicine as major

I forgot to turn in the essay on time… and when I remembered, it was late… Commonapp didnt accept after the due date

I visited the campus on March 2nd… Is this too late to visit?

Again, the admissions counselors don’t know that you did it but forgot to turn it in on time. They just see that you didn’t do it. March 2nd might be a little late, it makes it look like you’re just getting in a last-ditch effort to show interest. But GW doesn’t track demonstrated interest too heavily. I’d be more worried about the essay.

Missing the essay is my fault…Otherwise, is my stat good enough for Colombian college of arts and science, pre-med major?

I’m not one to say since I’m not an admissions counselor, but yes. Your stats are a match for GW.

Did you show interest in other ways? Did you email your regional rep? Are you on the mailing list and have you been opening emails you receive from them? Do you check your portal frequently? Did you visit GW at a college fair? They track all of those things. However, if you look at the CDS section C7 level of applicant’s interest is only considered.

I check the portal frequently. But, How to contact the regional rep? I open the mails which I get from GW always. I didnt visit GW at any college fair. How to check the CDS section C7 level applicant’s interest?.. Is there anything I can do now to improve my chances?

At this point, no. Any sudden increase in demonstrated interest at this point looks like a last-ditch effort. Only contact the regional rep (via email) if you have a legit question that cannot be answered somewhere else (website, CC, advice blog). Also, I meant to include this above, but your SAT is a match for GW. You GPA (especially since it’s weighted) is below their range. GW admits mostly from the top 25% of graduating HS classes, what is your rank?

My school does not rank… Is there any other way to find my rank in school? My school is not a great school. I should be definitely in the upper half only. Not sure whether I will be in first 25%.

May I know the GPA range they are looking for? How low is mine?

Most people getting accepted to GW would have a weighted GPA of above a 4.0. What’s your unweighted? You can ask your counselor what your rank is, but there’s not really another way to find out.

My unweighted GPA comes to 3.48

That’s not great. Most schools in the T100 won’t take an UW GPA below a 3.5, especially if your W is below a 4.0.

I got waitlisted in Virginia Tech… Got acceptance from Penn State and University of Pittsburgh… Does this help you to decide my rank in my school?

Just because you are accepted at one school has absolutely no impact on whether you will be accepted at another.