What are the tips to work in office in ME

hello everybody, I’m a Elsh 23 years old And i graduated in Mechanical Engineering last year i was a successful student during my entire school time and I’m hopeful to move to Canada within in 2021 and I’m gonna come and take material science courses to be material engineer in toronto its because i believe this field will bring me an office job and then what I’m I asking is as a woman I’m interested more on office job than other mechanical engineering jobs and what course will be helpful for office job or if you guys have any other better idea which is likely related to my interest to find job opportunity in Toronto city and around. Please Any idea will be welcomed and thank you so much ?

Your writing would be clearer if you used some punctuation and capitalization. Your prospective colleges will have grad school advisors. You should discuss your plans with them. They’ll be able to recommend courses.

So your goal is to work in an office? You don’t really need a degree to do that.
Women are not delegated or minimized to specific roles, so you may want to stop asking about “jobs for a woman”.

Do you have permission to enter Canada?
Do you have a Work Permit for Canadian employment?