What are you binge watching now?

I’ve finished OITNB and House of Cards? I have Netflix.

Poldark and Mr Robot, depending on the mood. I needed a little less stress after The 100, Wayward Pines, etc. We are watching House of Cards hit or miss, but the problem is I fall asleep, just like I did with Sherlock. And I think they are both excellent.

Not binge watching - “binging” a show would not fit in my lifestyle - I probably only watch an hour to hour and a half of tv on any given day/night - BUT - this summer I did start watching both Parks and Rec and Scandal with my D2 home from school.

It’s at an un-binging pace though - maybe one episode a night if that. And on Netflix - which we only got since she came home!

Cedar Cove (silly soap opera); Murdoch Mysteries (excellent Canadian detective show); Murder in Paradise (another excellent detective show); Rosemary & Thyme (British version of Murder She Wrote); just finished all 7 seasons of the Good Wife; need to get back into Scandal and Mad Men. One of my favorites was Gilmore Girls which I discovered from CC (I have 3 boys and would never have watched that show). All shows on Netflix and CBS streaming. Also have Amazon Prime.

30 Rock during exercise.

I just binged on Newsroom. Awesome show. 3rd season not so much…

My next binge is going to be Mr. Robot. I’m very intrigued.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. The clothes. And the guys. :smiley:

I just binged Seasons 3 and 4 of OITNB on Netflix. I’d like to work my way through Mad Men which I didn’t watch the first time around. Nothing else on the docket, though.

Just finished 6 seasons of Doc Martin, now starting on Broadchurch. Doc Martin took several weeks. I watch episodes on my laptop while doing other things (cooking, cleaning up, sorting through paperwork).

Naruto, I come home from work and then tell myself I will go to sleep and end up watching Naruto until 5:00 in the morning. #:-S

I watched season 1 of Broadchurch a few weeks ago. I immediately watched all the episodes again. Then I told my mom and sister about it and they watched it, too, with me tagging along for the final two episodes. It’s really that good.

I liked Broadchurch, Frankie & Grace and Last Tango in Halifax. I also liked Peaky Blinders.

DH and I finished all seasons of Gilmore Girls a couple of days ago.We really got involved in it, and often conversed about what was happening and what was going to happen. Apparently Netflix has ordered a limited revival by the end of the year; we can’t wait1

We would like to find something light to follow it up. We started the second season of Bloodline but it’s very slow and dark. We are now sampling The Americans on Amazon Prime; some potential there. We haven’t been able to get into The Wire or Breaking Bad, but again neither is funny or engaging like Gilmore Girls or Parenthood, an earlier binge. Recommendations would be welcome!

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

I binge watched Billions. I started one Saturday morning and never left the house until Sun night.

smdur, if you’d enjoy a show with quirky, charming characters, Doc Martin (a British show, with 6 seasons available on Netflix) is absolutely delightful. The main character, Doctor Martin Ellingham, is a brilliant London surgeon who develops an aversion to blood and goes to be the town doctor in a small village in Cornwall, England inhabited by a cast of equally (though each uniquely) quirky residents. It’s hard not to become attached to the characters in this comedy/drama show.

Here’s a NYT article about the series: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/26/arts/television/the-british-series-doc-martin-takes-off-in-us.html?_r=0.

I’m watching Leverage. I like Mr. Robot, Sense8, Dark Matters. Hart of Dixie was surprisingly watchable - it’s very lighthearted. Definitely watch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mystery. Great actors, clothes, scenery.

I’ve been watching Marcella, a new Netflix show. I’m enjoying it so far, murder mystery with complicated characters.

Not a binge show (too new) but AMC’s The West is a very good show on historical people of the American west.

I just started watching Doc Martin…love his quirkiness and the towns people are hilarious. Such a relief to have a medical show where they aren’t all shagging in the supply closet! (sounded very British there I know lol!)