What are you doing this weekend- First Weekend of October

I enjoyed last weekend’s thread started by @abasket so I’ll get us started for this weekend. Hopefully some of you have already started your weekend.

We are having a couple folks over on the deck tomorrow evening for a casual dinner and feel pretty safe with that. I will do my exercise in the mornings and maybe do some video chats with some distant family. Nothing too exciting. Leaves aren’t changing yet in my part of Texas, but it might be nice to drive out in the country and hike around.

How about everyone else?

We were going to do a walk around a local state park that has a cool thing where you install an app and as you follow a specific route, symphonic music plays through your phone (and headphones) that enhances the experience. Unfortunately, it looks to be chilly and damp so maybe next weekend.

These weekend threads are kind of fun!

Today is another use-or-lose PTO day for me. Ran on the treadmill then H and I went out for a 4.5 mile hike in a local park. I plan to spend the rest of the day doing a few chores and reading. Friends (one couple) are coming over at 5 to social distance on the deck. It’s bring your own wine and order takeout.

Tomorrow is my Saturday AM small group run and then a hair appointment (cut and color). We have zoom happy hour planned.

Sunday - not sure. Will likely practice yoga, watch church online (in which I make my debut as a reader - I filmed my reading last week), and my run with another group late in the afternoon.

Already gave up on my to do list.

Just going to lean into the chaos and spend the weekend freaking out.

This made me LOL!

Love that this is a weekend CC thing!!! :slight_smile:

Just got my flu shot which I took along with a couple Advil just as a precaution.

Some yard work this afternoon though it isn’t super pleasant outside.

My new Apple watch just arrived so will need to figure that out!!! Yay!

Probably a visit to my mom, maybe take my grandpup for a walk or have her parents (my son and DIL) over for a bite. My usual exercise each morning.

I’m also doing text bank work for the election early next week so need to get a little educated on that process.

Tripped and fell on a curb about halfway into a three-mile walk this AM. Seemed OK when I got up and brushed off, but clearly wasn’t by the time we got home. Will be spending the rest of the weekend resting, icing, compressing, and elevating which sounds like exercise, but isn’t. Fortunately, my drinking elbow was spared, so no harm to cocktails this evening.

We’re driving back home tomorrow, so we’ll be reconnecting with our cat, kids, and farm. We also want to look around the rental house we’re having fixed up for sale. One more week and it should be able to go on the market.

H bought a new computer because his was dying and it’s vitally important for work. Switching everything over will keep him occupied for a bit.

I’m totally unsure what I’m doing with the rest of my time and don’t plan on figuring it out TBH. I’ll see what I feel like doing - quite possibly catching up on three weeks worth of newspapers and mail. I also will probably start weaning this year’s foal.

I’m coaching a ton.

Our fall season has always included 1 Sunday game and our scheduler and I came to an agreement years ago that she will pack all of Sunday games into one weekend.

So I coach 3 times tomorrow and 3 on Sunday.

It will be interesting because this is also the 1st weekend where we are allowing kids to play real games. Parents, coaches and players on the sideline have to be masked. Players on the field do not.

My daughter and her husband are joining us for dinner tomorrow.

Sunday night, my wife and I will head to our Mexican joint for dinner

Just changed my avatar temporarily, to share a fav tree. Seems some jumped into fall colors fast. The rest are slow, this season. Every fall, I spend some time looking for the beauties. Will do more scouting this weekend. I live near enough to the coast to make it a waterview trip as well. Maybe get a lobster roll. Yeah.

Be well, @ChoatieMom. A friend did the same last summer.

Our book group meets tonight; it might be the last in-person meeting for a while. We have been gathering at a home with a patio and fire table, but the weather will soon be too cold and wet to be outside. Sigh. And, before the rain comes, we need to finish installing a drain line in our yard. So, we’ll be making the most of what should be some lovely weather this weekend.

Canning more tomatoes, going to the beach for a long walk, maybe making an apple pie. Have to buy some pumpkins also.
Planted 100 tulips last Sunday so that’s off the to do list.

@lookingforward Is that a Japanese Maple? One of my favorite trees! We had a good sized one at a previous home, and threatened to dig it up for the new house; unfortunately it didn’t happen. I did plant one at the new house, but it never looked as good as the original one.

Like @abasket I got my flu shot today. Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking about it when I got dressed this morning and headed to my mother’s to do a few things for her; I had on a long sleeved t-shirt that would not pull up enough to expose my upper arm. Had to go home and change shirts as I didn’t think it would be appropriate to take my shirt off at the grocery store pharmacy :blush:

No plans at this time, but will do something similar to every other weekend.

Like some others, I had my flu shot today. Pharmacist at Costco said he has never seen so many get immunized this early in the season. My ballot arrived today. ? I can fill out the first race quickly but I need to do some research on amendments/judges. Still deciding whether to bring it downtown or wait until early voting and bring it there. It will not go in the mail.

Listened to way too much MSNBC today. I had been so good at limiting myself but today I failed. Goal for the weekend is to watch more Schitt’s Creek and cook for the freezer. Football on Sunday. Supposed to rain here in FL.

I am going to spend the weekend with my mom. She is looking forward to it. It is her birthday, but I am not sure if we will be going out. Both NY and NJ numbers are going up. I think we are going to shelter in again. I’ve had few nice weekends by going out more.

There is a Craft Fair in North Conway NH this weekend. We can combine leaf peeping and shopping. We are also having some friends in for a socially distanced (but chilly) lunch on the deck on Sunday.

I’ll have a virtual happy hour with @ChoatieMom as I’m mending from my knee surgery. If it’s nice, I will venture outside for a walk or something like that. I’m reading some books too.

Bike riding, cooking from the garden, possibly kayaking tomorrow, and grading essays. Virtually the same as last weekend.

Had a socially distanced sunset on our balcony with our friends tonight. Exercising tomorrow and doing some guitar playing and recording. Then watching college football. Rain all day on Sunday so nothing - lol.

Up here in Hooterville just south of Frostbite Falls, it is time to pull out the dock at the cabin.

Southerners may not know but we have to remove our docks every fall because the force of the ice freezing would damage them. The ice gets thick enough that people actually can drive on the lakes, accessed from the boat ramps. On our lake I think it normally gets about 4 feet thick but I haven’t checked in years.