What are you making for dinner tonight 2021

I really love these threads. It helps me avoid getting in a rut, which I tend to do if I’m not actively thinking about it. CC has a lot of great cooks, so would you all like to start a new thread?

Tonight I made shrimp scampi, pasta, and sauteed spinach. DH really enjoyed it. I didn’t have any of the pasta, but the rest was very tasty. I tried a new recipe that called for just a bit of crushed red pepper flakes and that bare hint of heat was a great add.

What did you have for dinner, or if you are reading this on Wednesday, what are you making for dinner tonight?

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I made hummus crusted chicken.

Tomorrow I will make the NYT sausage, white beans, and sage recipe.

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Wow, who thinks of something like hummus crusted chicken?!?!

D1 is a hummus freak. I’m sending this to her. @NJSue, had you made this before? What was your verdict on it?

I’ve made it and I’ve upped the lemon juice and sliced a layer of lemons (maybe 8 slices) placed under the chicken breasts. I slather hummus on top of the breasts (I get a package of 2 large breasts and slice them lengthwise). I sprinkle the whole thing with smoked paprika. It’s really good.
PS I use red onion instead of white or yellow.

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We had a curry stir fry with green, orange, and red peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, and lamburger. As a side we had rice pilaf with broccoli added. Then farm fresh mint tea to drink. It was all quite delicious, plus super easy to make. (All I had to do was cut the veggies and defrost the lamburger. H and DIL did the actual cooking.)

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Wow, that doesn’t sound all that easy, but it does sound awesome!

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I was lazy and did breakfast for dinner using stuff I already had. Frozen hash brown, biscuits and cut up Turkey sausage to put in scrambled eggs. I try to cut back on carbs and didn’t eat any of it.

We had this on Monday. It was SO delicious I’ll be making it again this week:


I made an old standby last night–Chicken Marbella (from the Silver Palate). I haven’t made it in years. Everyone loved it. I didn’t have a whole chicken–I used chicken thighs and also used dried apricots along with the prunes. Both worked out well.


I just discovered southwest chicken (chicken/beans/rice/chicken broth/salsa/spices) and made it in the insta pot. I made it last week and this week and everyone in our family actually likes it-which is a challenge. Grilled brats or philly cheese steak tonight with mustard potato salad or fries and baked beans.

Kudos to you. I would have a heck of a time resisting hash browns. I can walk away from a dessert, but potatoes…gah.

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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Lobster tacos and carne asada tacos for dinner tonight. I will have avocado, radishes, red onions, Mexican corn, jalapenos, cabbage, sharp cheddar cheese or cotija cheese to put in the tacos. Lots of hot sauce to choose from and of course margaritas or Mexican beer!


OMG that sounds awesome. What time shall I arrive? :smiley:

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I have been cooking a recipe for baked feta cheese with vegetables that appeared in the NY Times, here, Sheet-Pan Baked Feta With Broccolini, Tomatoes and Lemon Recipe - NYT Cooking. I have modified the recipe to substitute asparagus (cut into 2" pieces, with tough ends trimmed off) for the broccolini/broccoli, and added 3-4 thinly sliced radishes to the mix. I usually serve it with rice on the side, or spaghetti with no sauce.

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@Nrdsb4 Just head on over to San Diego and join us!

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I have made this - the feta is YUM.

Last night we had a middle eastern dinner helped along with some sides I got at our local middle eastern market. I made seasoned chicken kabobs two ways and then had sides of tabbouleh, spicy cilantro potatoes, grape leaves, hummus, garlic sauce, orzo salad and pita. I bought baklava for dessert! So much food because we had S and DIL over for dinner. And some leftovers!

Tonight I’ll take the leftover kabob meat and shred it for Cinco De Mayo chicken enchiladas. Maybe make some homemade salsa.


We went out to our favorite Mexican place today, so that was our Cinco De Mayo.

I washed some grapes for dessert when we got home, does that count for anything? :sunglasses: