What are you streaming on Netflix these days?

<p>Everything I have wanted to watch lately has been avaialble on only disc. (I am tempted to think that if my subscription were for disc only, everything that I wanted to watch would be available only for streaming, but that's a different story . . .)</p>

<p>I mostly want to watch soemthing as a break from reading my students' papers, or my own papers, or other professors' papers, and so if I can't watch something right away (like streaming on netflix, or on an internet site), I usually don't really want to watch it. So ordering discs is not an appealing option.</p>

<p>I am tempted to cancel netflix, but I thought I would ask you all: am I missing any good streaming options on netflix?</p>

<p>North and South. Consolation and Emaheevul pointed it out to me, and now I can't imagine how I could have missed it. It's Pride and Prejudice in the cotton mill, so if you like tall dark and smoldering, you'll be in heaven. Fabulous art direction and cinematography too. If you're not interested in those things, skip it.</p>

<p>Well, it's not for everyone, but I was excited to see that they had the Twin Peaks series on Netflix. I am enjoying watching it again after almost 20 years!</p>

<p>Downton Abbey. I did a marathon of all of the episodes one night this week.</p>

<p>We canceled the dvds when the price went up, and decided just today to cancel streaming. But maybe now I will wait until I get a chance to watch North and South!</p>

<p>Breaking Bad; Dexter</p>

<p>Hack - series set in Philadelphia. My son and I watched Battlestar Galactica all summer, it was quite addicting. Also loved Doc Martin and Monarch of the Glen.</p>

<p>Based on CCer's discussion I watched all seasons of *Doc Martin *- brilliant,but cranky dr ends up in scenic Port Issac Cornwall, England. Gorgeous scenery, quirky characters. </p>

<p>Recently, watched **Drop Dead Diva <a href="it's%20%5Bb%5Dnot%5B/b%5D%20a%20model%20search%20show">/b</a> smart, legal drama/ comedy. </p>


<p>Herb and Dorothy, Documentary.
My Architect, A Son's Journey- especially if you're from Philly area.
The Children of Chabannes- Documentary
John James Audubon- fascinating life story, and I'm not a bird watcher.
Walk on Water- American-born Israeli director Eytn Fox lenses this contemporary road movie that takes its Israeli characters to Berlin as they attempt to understand the role that the past still plays in the lives of young Israeli and German people.</p>

<p>The Boys- The Sherman Brothers Story- about song writers who worked for decades for Disney, wrote some classics. Interesting relationship.</p>

<p>The Art of the Steal- about the Barnes Museum,and the controversary about Barnes wishes for his billion dollar art collection, and the legality of it's soon to be new location in Philadelphila.</p>

<p>Like Quirky NYC movies ?
I like Killing Flies- a foodie movie about Lower East Side icon.
The Cruise- off beat, bus tour guide takes you on quite a 'trip' of his NYC.</p>

<p>** Pillars of the Earth ** never read the book, so took the lazy path
** The September Issue **

<p>Breaking Bad, Switched At Birth, Parks & Recreation, Mad Men. </p>

<p>I canceled the DVD subscription, and I don't miss it. We've been able to find plenty of stuff to watch. We also have Amazon Prime's instant video, which comes in handy for those times when Netflix chokes, for whatever reason.</p>

<p>Dr. Who (the new one). :D Also just watched a documentary called "The Sound and the Fury" that was very good.</p>

<p>Friday Night Lights and when we finish that series I'm moving on to The Tudors. </p>

<p>For movies, Shutter Island was great. We've also watched some good documentaries. Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work was great--includes some of her standup which is very off-color and funny to me, The September Issue, and we like to poke around and find weird stuff.</p>

<p>I'm on the bubble as to whether it's worth it--but I do like being able to watch a series like Friday Night Lights "marathon style" without commercials.</p>

<p>I'm watching Lost which I missed the first time around. Mad Men, Dr. Who, The Office are all watched as well.</p>

<p>Breaking Bad.</p>

<p>A terrific two-person movie I had never heard of before called Conversations With Other Women, Aaron Eckhart and Helena Bonham-Carter. And another terrific, somewhat similar two-person movie Room In Rome (by Spanish director Julio Medem, whose Sex And Lucia is fantastic). If you liked Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, you will like these movies too, probably a lot. If not, not.</p>

<p>Bill Cunningham's New York</p>

<p>A bunch of arty martial arts movies</p>

<p>I'm impressed with all of you who watch movies. I'm not ADD or anything, but I don't have the attention span to watch movies unless I'm traveling and have time to kill on an airplane or hotel room! I'm pretty movie-impaired - I could go years without ever seeing a movie in a theater. You don't want me on your Trivial Pursuit team if the topic is movie trivia, that's for sure.</p>

<p>I love Sherlock:Season 1--British/updated take on Sherlock Holmes with Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch. Fabulous! I also like 30 Rock and Mad Men.</p>

<p>We did "Trailer Park Boys" and "Billy the Exterminator" marathons a couple of months ago. The two series were like documentaries of our hometown rural Florida county. We laughed so hard casting our local "characters" for the characters in the shows. Nothing highbrow by a long shot!</p>

<p>pizzagirl I can't watch movies either- but I think part of the problem is many current day movies aren't as well written or cast as television!</p>

<p>I just watched the pilot for Pan Am, which looks promising & am awaiting the fall season for Doc Martin & 30Rock.</p>

<p>I have trouble with movies as well. But, I am seeing Moneyball tonight. A rare outing indeed.</p>

<p>Oh, H and I saw Moneyball this past weekend. We loved it. Enjoy!</p>

<p>JHS- your suggestion ** Bill Cunningham's NY**,
great movie, fascinating man!</p>