What business would....

<p>What business would tell you are buying too much stuff so you can only buy half of it and then get back in line to buy the other half? </p>

<p>The post office that's who!</p>

<p>It's not like I want to send 17 certified letters in Christmas season. My building department requires it.</p>

<p>Feel free to add your gripes about the Post Office or any other business making dumb decisions.</p>

<p>Called Walmart to see if a certain medication was in stock. They told me they couldn't tell me that over the phone. It's been in short supply at pharmacies this fall.</p>

<p>"So you want me to drive 25 miles just to see if you have this medicine?" "Yes". OMG-forget that. I found another pharmacy (the other 4 in town answered my question), then I got eggs at the quicki-mart just to spite Walmart.</p>

<p>I've gone to the PO with 4 letters that needed weighed for postage. I was told I should have weighed and stamped them before coming to the PO. Ummm, I thought that was <em>their</em> job??? IMO, the PO deserves every cent they've lost.</p>

<p>Can't be of much help with the PO ... but as far as Walmart ... buy local where they still understand helping the customer!</p>

<p>The floods in Thailand caused a worldwide shortage of hard disk drives and Newegg (one of the largest online retailers) restricts the number of disks that you can buy at one time. This despite prices that have doubled. I bought a disk in August before the floods and the price of that disk is now double what I paid for it (it's a very nice disk). Shortages will probably run through a good chunk of 2012 so I asked the family if they anticipated needing additional drives in 2012. I have two external drives, two internal drives and one notebook internal drive as spares and that should hopefully be enough if we have a drive failure next year.</p>

<p>I was surprised when I went to Office Depot. For some reason, they gave me a DISCOUNT on mailing my flat rate boxes. The postage meter they printed said $57 for 5 boxes. She charged me $47, plus she was very cheerful and helpful! I also got Office Depot points which translates to some benefit like a credit or check down the road. They also had more flat rate boxes in stock so I could replentish my supply. Also they had NO line and were very nice. I have been going there more than local post office partly because of that. They are good for flat rate boxes & selling stamps. I also use the automated postage kiosk and rarely go in to the office itself (have a hard time catching them when they're open & don't have a line out the door).</p>

<p>^Unfortunately certified mail requires the Post Office and real people.</p>

<p>Um which to choose, which to choose ....</p>

<p>I'll go with the rental car company that tried to charge us $150 for not returning our rental car to the New Orleans airport rental lot in late August 2005. "But your lot is under six feet of water!" we protested. Doesn't matter, replied the Customer "Service" Representative.</p>

<p>I love my local Post Office. The people are really courteous and friendly, and I know everyone by their first name. They have some inside jokes that, if you see them often enough, you can be part of. They have extra people who come out of the back room when it gets too crowded. The service is great, and the atmosphere is fun.</p>

<p>My post office closes between noon and one.</p>

<p>Last year we got a new tv and I was considering switching from Dish to DirecTV. We were DirecTV customers waaaaay back maybe 8 years ago. I called them, got a quote and was really interested. They started to put my info into the system and discovered (!) that I was an ex-customer and transferred me to a different department. Who began to input the SAME information, until they discovered how long ago we actually cancelled our service...then they transferred me BACK to the first (sales) department. Who took my info again, but refused to guarantee me the same price as the FIRST...the reason? Because I was a repeat caller. But, I said, I didn't call them more than once, they actually TRANSFERRED me to the other department and back. Sorry, they said, this is a sales department and we cannot guarantee prices if you have called for a quote more than once. But, I said, I DIDNT CALL MORE THAN ONCE. Nope, she said (huffily, I might add), there was a record that I had chatted with another agent. Guess what, I didn't, and never will, switch to DirecTV. Dumb.</p>

<p>Oh yeah, Directv really annoys my H. They definitely treat potential new customers much better than their existing customers.</p>

<p>Our PO is closed every day from 11:30 - 1 p.m. Very helpful...</p>

<p>I don't have any complaints about the local post offices that I've used. Hours are good and service is reasonable except for peak times which I try to avoid. There is one nice thing that a local branch has done for me a few times. They have scales which measure to the tenth of an ounce and I like to get some of my tennis racquets weighed from time to time after I make modifications to them. They are all too happy to put them on the scale for me.</p>

<p>I do plan to eventually get my own kitchen scale to do this.</p>

<p>Daughter, grandson and I went to get grandson's picture taken. No appointment so we knew we might wait. First store (Sears) asked do you have a coupon? No, we replied. "Come back when you have one." We were told the same thing at Penney's and Target. "Go online and print off a coupon." We are here and we want to get it done but the coupon price is so much lower so we leave and decide not to bother at all. Isn't the point of a coupon to get you into the store? With a good digital camera, I am not sure I will bother with a studio and I don't need a coupon.</p>

<p>Was at the PO today to drop off a stop mail order. Twelve people in line, one clerk working, and he was taking his sweet time. Took me twenty minutes (and I was third in line!) I miss the group of folks who took early retirement/buyout last year. They were much more efficient, and pleasant, to boot.</p>

<p>I wish our USPS office had a line for large users, we have tons of regular ebay/Amazon shippers who may tie up that 1 clerk with dozens of packages. They should have a merchant line the way banks have a special teller</p>

<p>That's so sad! I can't believe they wouldn't serve you without a coupon! Really makes you wonder what happened to serving the customer that is right in front of you with OR without any coupon. It doesn't surprise me that photography studios are becoming increasingly obsolete.</p>

<p>For folks just mailing flat rate boxes, I would HIGHLY recommend Office Depot when they're not crowded. Have rarely ever had to wait & it's the same price or less to the customer. They also ship things for other carriers. Saw one woman drop off an entire handtruck full of boxes, labeled & ready to go! </p>

<p>I think our post office opens around 9 or 10am, closes noon-1pm & then closes for good at 3 or 4pm. They also are only open for 3 or 4 hours on Saturday--mayabe 9 to noon. Very challenging! Some things you can't do by an automated kiosh or Office Depot, unfortunately.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info on OfficeDepot. </p>

<p>There was another thread about tips, and one standout post in that thread for me was the one stating that the poster's mailman put his own holiday solicitation letter in mailboxes on his route. Against the rules (mailboxes cannot be used for anything except USPS mail). And very rude. </p>

<p>Another interesting post was how, despite a ban on cash being given to postal workers, one postmistress condoned it. And many mail deliverers kept the cash that was improperly given to them.</p>

<p>Given that it seems that the mail delivery speed will soon slow (new standards) with the closure of mail processing facilities, I see no reason for the complaints to slow. I will often mail things UPS rather than stand in line at a post office and potentially get rude service from a postal worker.</p>

<p>I love our local post office. The people are really nice and give superb service. When I come with a bunch of prepaid packages, they will bring a cart around to the back door so that I can unload without having to go inside.</p>

<p>The post office will deliver a package up to a 12" cube anywhere in the continental US in 2-3 days for between $4-13, including Saturday delivery. Fedex and UPS charge AT LEAST three times as much for that level of service, usually more. (The post office price becomes closer to the UPS price if the package is larger than a cubic foot AND it is out of your region and so has to go on a plane. In your region, oversized boxes remain a bargain.) Generally, the USPS for packages is a HUGE bargain.</p>

<p>You can go online and easily process/print your own shipping labels and bill it to a credit card. It will let you select any level of service and batch labels if you wish. It will save the addresses in your personal address book, so that you don't have to reenter data the next time. Just affix the shipping labels to your boxes using clear packing tape, and you can simply drop them off at the post office instead of having to go through standing in line and weighing and paying there. Not only that, but if you use the web site you get a discount!</p>

<p>I don't understand why more people don't take advantage of this superior service.</p>

<p>It's amazing how much post office service seems to vary from place to place. Here, every time I go in I say to myself, "No actual business could survive if it were run this way."</p>