What can I do to prepare for registration?

<p>Is there someone who can advice me on how to get started with the whole registration ordeal? I've been scrolling through the catalog and jotting down the names of the classes that are interesting to me. Is that all I can do now as a freshman or is there something more?</p>

<p>Thanks =)</p>

<p>You should look over the GER requirements and the requirements for majors you are considering. You can search by GER in Banner.</p>

<p>Write down all the class registration numbers for the classes that you are interested in. You need them in order to register quickly... and class registration is like a race. You gotta be quick if you want to get into popular classes.</p>

<p>But really the best advice for your first semester is try to focus on the large lecture classes that you need to complete your GERs because they are easy to get into and you have to take them at some point anyways. So things like Intro Econ (Micro or Macro), Intro Psych (Social or Natural), any intro science or math class are good to target for your first semester.</p>

<p>write down the CRNs for all the classes you want (the 5/6 digit number). When you get to the page to add classes, you type them in.</p>

<p>I would recommend trying to get your freshmen seminar first, type in that number and hit register. Then go back and register for the classes with more space (intro econ, bio, chem, etc). This way you can register faster for your seminar than someone who is trying to register for 5 classes at once.</p>

<p>You should scroll through on the my.wm webpage... try to map out a schedule (as per the other thread, more spaces will open in many of the classes). You can see what times the classes are meeting even though you can't register yet.</p>

<p>If memory serves, a student who is associated with an academic adivising student organization on campus will likely be contacting you before registration starts in July to assist you with any questions you might have. You are also welcome to contact the Academic Advising and Registrar's Offices with any questions you have about the process.</p>

<p>Once you get to campus in the fall, you'll meet with your official Academic Advisor before completing registration during Orientation.</p>