What car do you drive?

<p>So I am looking to purchase my first car. I have about 10k saved for the purchase. Looking at there is no question the smartest thing I could do would be to buy a 2004-2005 Toyota Carolla/Camry or a Honda Civic/Accord. They are both super practical, are really easy to maintain, and get great gas millage. While another option and by far the option I prefer is to get a used sports car with a fair bit of miles on it. In this case I would be looking at a Nissan 350Z (2004-50K miles), Porche Boxter (2002-70K miles),a Mercedes CLK (2002 70K), or Ford Mustang GT (2005 60K). I mean since I will not be doing to much driving would a sports car really be that impractical? It has always been a dream of mine to get a fun car like that and I have put in the work it takes to save the money, but I know it is super impractical. What do you guys suggest, also what cars do you drive???</p>

<p>i drive a pontiac vibe. i seriously love it. very versatile, reliable, great gas mileage, peppy, fun and sporty. i'm tired of everyone having an accord or civic. so many people at my school have one. i'm the only person who has a vibe at my school. they're pretty unique. anyhow, i would suggest a reliable car with good gas mileage. for 10k, you can definitely get that with some very good options.</p>

<p>I love my car! I drive a silver Honda Civic (2010) and it drives nicely :) I've done lots of research about which car I've wanted on the Kelley Blue Book website and I've heard nothing but wonderful reviews about the Honda Civics in general. Very reliable, great quality, good style. You really can't go wrong. I've been only driving it for 6 months, but it's been so great so far! Check out the kbb website for more reviews on both of the cars. The only thing negative about Honda Civics is that I hear it's one of the most common types of cars to get stolen because of their parts. But, the likelyhood of that happening isn't much (for me at least). Nothing's happened yet (;</p>

<p>2001 Lexus. I think I'll save up starting this summer for a new car.</p>

<p>I have a '93 Mazda MX3. I love it. It's a sports car... but I only got it 'cause it was cheap. ($1500 I think)</p>

<p>My friend has a mustang. It seems to be a really good car.</p>

<p>1995 Chevy Beretta. It's a piece. But it's my piece.</p>

<p>Actually it was just cheap. But it's falling apart >.></p>

<p>@OP Depending on how much and what type of driving you will do should weigh heavily in your decision. Specifically, the weather conditions in your area, the distance from lets say your house to school to a friends house, etc. Also to consider, both the Mercedes and Porsche will be EXTREMELY expensive to fix if anything goes wrong. Trust me on that, German cars are not fun when it comes to repairs.
If I were you, I would go with the Mustang, but that's just because I'm a bit of a car geek lol. But in all honesty, the practicality and value of a civic/accord or corolla/camry is unmatched. Especially since an 05 Mustang GT probably gets <20 MPG and gas is approaching $4.25 a gallon where I live. Plus the insurance costs for something such as the GT and the insurance costs for something such as an accord are substantially different.
Also, if you live somewhere it snows, a rear wheel drive vehicle isn't the best of ideas if you plan on driving in the winter. More power to the rear wheels=more of a chance of sliding and subsequently crashing.
Best of luck to you on your search for a car! I loved looking for mine lol. </p>

<p>P.s, If you can buy any of these in a manual, I would HIGHLY recommend it. I learned to drive stick on my car and it has helped me tremendously in my understanding of cars and appreciation of them. Plus, driving a manual is more fun than driving an auto ;).</p>

<p>I drive a 2000 Honda Accord that was my dad's. He gave me his car and bought a pretty new 2007 Toyota RAV4. Honestly, it gets me to school/soccer and back and that's all I care about. I'm currently a junior and leaving for college soon. I don't really care what I drive hahaah</p>

<p>I drive a '98 mustang convertible. It was only $3000 and its so easy to maintain. Cheap to fix, but it rarely needs a repair (initially it needed a new battery and a new top, but that's all I've had to do). I love it! Gas mileage isn't too terrible, but its not the best either. </p>

<p>My best friend also drives a mustang (an '05). He also loves it.</p>

<p>02 Honda Accord :D even though im not licensed yet ;)</p>

<p>'93 Toyota Camry that is 3 months older than I am.</p>

<p>1997 Oldsmobile Delta 88. It was my grandparents' car. My grandfather stopped being able to drive three years ago, so I got it. It isn't the best car around, but it was free and doesn't fall apart. I just get kind of bad gas mileage, as in 14 mpg right now. But I don't drive a whole ton, so it's okay.</p>

<p>2002 mercedes c230 coupe (black exterior/black interior)</p>

<p>for about 10k, you can grab one of these cars with about 80,000 or so miles from '04)</p>

<p>2007 Volkswagen Rabbit</p>

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<p>2009 mercedes</p>

<p>^not to stereotype but...upper east side kid has a 2009 mercedes.</p>

<p>1994 Honda Accord which is a little bit older than me.</p>

<p>'04 CR-V here.</p>

<p>1995 Camry lolz</p>

<p>I drive a 2008 Honda Accord. I love it haha. My cousin has an oldddd Scion tS or something like that.. tD maybe? Dont remember what its called but its a coupe and great on gas. And she bought it really cheap. I drive it sometimes because I like this car alot too lol</p>

<p>A pink beetle! (: soon.</p>