What degrees do your teachers have?

<p>I just found out today the my Honors Chemistry teacher has a degree in Economics today. That is sort of neat. He is such total dork, but an amazingly smart guy. He teaches all of our upper-level science courses, despite his degree in economics. He really is a great teacher and seriously knows his science.</p>

<p>So, do you have any teachers with degrees outside of the classes they teach?</p>

<p>Last year I took chemistry from a teacher who initially failed her college chemistry class. In other news, Georgia is 48th in education.</p>

<p>48th? I thought we were 49th.. movin' up in the world!</p>


<p>lol, I think we're tied with Alabama now or something.</p>

<p>Two of my teachers of phds... my principal does too. Most of my teachers have masters in their courses. My APUSH teachers teaches at Pitt too in the evenings. We have for the most part have good teachers.</p>

<p>I think we still have Mississippi and DC beat, though. Heh. </p>

<p>There used to be two teachers with PhDs in their fields at my school, though one left over the summer for a job in Spain. Quite a few of our AP teachers right now are taught by teachers who usually stick with the TAG department, though, which is... not good. Am I the only one who has noticed that TAG teachers are generally okay for supervising when you're doing your own thing, but that they tend to suck at actually teaching things?</p>

<p>My APUSH teacher has a PhD in philosophy. My former Early British Literature teacher was going for his PhD...in early British literature. All the rest are pretty normal.</p>

<p>AP Bio teacher has double PhD in Biochemistry and Microbiology from Cornell.
Physics teacher has a Quantum Physics PhD from MIT.</p>

<p>^^Those are teachers that I've had. My other teachers have a regular 4 year BA in either education or the subject they teach from a non-elite school.</p>

<p>The AP Calculus teacher for our school I wish I knew. She's a little old but from what I hear, the best teacher ever. She allows no calculators and she teaches so well that her class usually averages around 4.5 on their AP tests.</p>

<p>one of the physics teacher at my school only took physics in highschool-she was a bio major, the other physics teacher failed as a physics major 3x and it took 6 years for him to get a degree. </p>

<p>my global studies teacher never took a history class-straight econ major. the Econ teacher took 2 classes, but an American history major. (the scheduling people are so bad! it's obvious you could just switch them). My history teacher right now only has a degree in teaching, not in a subject.</p>

<p>my principal has a PhD in sport science. SPORT SCIENCE!!!!! :(</p>

<p>My math teacher double majored in physics and math at Yale, my Science teacher two years ago had degrees from Harvard and Brown, my English teacher from last year went to UMich, and most of my other teachers either went to Northwestern, UChicago, or UIUC.</p>

<p>I think they all have bachelors in education or something.</p>

<p>My substitute for my English teacher on maternity leave is cool, though. She majored in classics at Rhodes and is working on her masters.</p>

<p>My HUSH/AP Euro teacher has a Ph.D in Cold War American Politics or something. My Honors Physics teacher has three doctorates in different areas of Physics (or he's got two and is finishing a third, I dunno). I know my mom (a high school teacher) has a BA in Theatre and Communications and a Master's in some kind of education.</p>

<p>the vast majority have Bachelor's from the UC system. several have doctorates in something.</p>

<p>An ex Bio teacher had her degree in PE. Most of our teachers have degrees from state schools besides the occasional few.</p>

<p>my physics teacher has a degree in chemistry and my former chemistry teacher has a degree in physics