What do I do?

<p>I'm going to get a 3.75 this semester. This is not good!</p>

<p>My GPA is going to go waay down. How do I make myself feel better?</p>

<p>Have you considered committing manslaughter? That always make me feel better.</p>

<p>^i second this! perhaps, vehicular? make it a hit-&-run type of deal!</p>

<p>Jump off a building?</p>

<p>Er...I mean...beware angry science majors who would love nothing more than to push you off a building for crying over your "terrible" 3.75.</p>

<p>Yeah, or engineering majors who average a 3.2 ...they'll probably build some high tech extraction machine to suck you through a vacuum tube out of your room through the air ventilation system to the roof in order to duct tape you to their trebuchet-like contraption and calculate the distance and angles correctly to make sure you splatter all over the liberal arts building windows and skylights to show those fools what they do to people who complain about their GPA's like you did.</p>

<p>successful troll is successful</p>

<p>Aye, considered maybe a troll, but on these forums it's hard to tell sometimes lol... :p</p>

<p>LOL, hadsed...i appreciate the thought that you put in to that situation ;)</p>

<p>Run around in circles in the middle of the quads, wailing your hands frantically in the air, screaming "I'm a failure". </p>

<p>Playing in traffic is a good idea too. I never tried it, but I think you might enjoy it =)</p>