What do the adcoms look for...

<p>...when it comes to international students?</p>

<p>How important are the SAT scores? GPA? Essey? Does it matter what high school you attend? etc.</p>


<p>I'm not sure about MIT, but Harvard, Princeton, LAC's and Yale don't look for true intellectual persons. They admit only leaders, athlets, gregarious, even garrulous ones. </p>

<p>But if students are leaders who are leaded? Ivy League Schools are only famous, but really they are NOTHING!!! Only beatiful words from NOTHING!!! They only take a lot of money. Very unfair quantity of money!!</p>

<p>Now, I understand why domestic students are in advantage. High schools in America prepare "social leaders" beforehand, but foreign - not.
That's my opinion!</p>

<p>PISHI, RIA!!</p>

<p>My opinion is that the admissions officers do not have different criteria regarding international admission. But one word that comes to my mind whenever I hear admissions is ''complex''. Therefore, to answer your question, I would say that everything matters - your gpa, test performance, ECs, though sometimes one aspect of your application can compensate for a weaker part. For instance, there are candidates who did not have any remarkable academic achievements but who were successful athletes. About the high school, basically, I think the name of the school should not matter. However, if you come from a high school where the academic atmosphere helped you grow intellectually, then this should be an advantage.
I hope I helped:)</p>

<p>p.s. Ria, do you have some particular colleges in mind?</p>

<p>No particular college. </p>

<p>I find it hard to believe that criteria regarding international admission are the same as US admission. But yes, I agree with you that it's complex.</p>