What do you do if you absolutely don't know anyone?

<p>Like is there orientation? How many people actually know each other? Any thing else I am missing?</p>

<p>Most of the people at my school seemed to come not knowing anyone else (myself included). We had a week-long orientation the week before school started, and I met what seemed like half the rest of the freshman. It worked really well. Don't stress.</p>

<p>Yeah definetely don't stress about that. Eveyone is in the same boat as you, no worries.</p>

<p>I'm not a shy person but I'm also not that outgoing, yeah I always tell myself that I don't really have to worry about this for another 6 months, but it comes up.</p>

<p>Also, many schools have a pre-orientation week, where freshman (for extra $$) do an adventure trip. It's terrific for bonding, having fun, and then when to start REAL orientation, you already know people.</p>

<p>If you can't do that trip, don't sweat it. Really, NOBODY knows ANYBODY.</p>

<p>Besides, even if you wind up going to college where one or two HS classmates are going, do you really want to hang around with them?</p>

<p>Plus, you'll have a roommate. That helps for the first few days, until you meet more people and start to sort out who your friends will be.</p>

<p>I met by closest college friend just by sitting next to her in my first class of freshman year. We started talking and before we knew it we were talking about our love for baseball and hit it off immediately. I attended summer orientation but didn't do the overnight stay--$45 per person for me and my mom a night when we live 45 minutes away? Don't think so--but met some cool people in the day.</p>

<p>I am worried about this too. My college counselor mentioned once "accepted student events". Does anyone know when these fall, what goes on at them, etc.?</p>

<p>I'm an out of state student at a state school, so most people already knew a lot of folks from their high schools and what-not. I, on the other hand, only knew my brother and a few of his friends...that I'd met once or twice. </p>

<p>I didn't really talk to many people at the orientation-type things I attended since I'm fairly shy/reserved around people I don't know well...but I made friends pretty quickly once classes actually started. </p>

<p>Don't worry about it so much. Just pick a school that makes you feel comfortable and you'll be fine.</p>

<p>If you are not outgoing... sux for you :) You wont have any friends</p>

<p>Don't worry about it, you'll meet people in your classes and in your major. I think that if you go to these events and TRY to make friends, those will most likely be the ones that'll tick you off in X months, leaving you worse off than you started.</p>

<p>Join a club / go to parties / etc</p>

<p>Orientation is NOT the place to make friends. A lot of people (myself included) skipped out on it to party :P and I believe it was the right choice.</p>

<p>Ways to meet people:
1. Live in residence
2. Join clubs, sports teams, musical groups, whatever
3. Talk to people in your classes right away
4. Orientation
5. Parties</p>

<p>Keep a friendly aura about yourself and talk to people when you see an opportunity where it won't look TOO random...lol</p>

<p>Join a hardcore sports team and you will make good friends. Crew is one.</p>

<p>even if you go to orientation and such.. you might find that most of your friends won't come from the people you met there but rather people in your proximity (dorm floor) and people in organizations...clubs....</p>

<p>Hey underoath, I worry about the same thing, too (and I'm just a junior). I've had a lot of the same friends since kindergarten and they're like my family, but I can't see us all going to the same school. Btw, I can't wait for the parties I hear about here. I just hope I end up at a school where I can party and study.</p>

<p>when u meet someone for the first time, speak to them in a foreign language than abruptly correct urself. then, start asking them questions concerning justice, ethics or any other philosophical questions. always appear that u know everything. try to make the person feel stupid by saying stuff like "YOU didn't know that the universe is expanding???!! i knew that when i was 6!!"
when parting, never say good bye. say something like "i gotta go give a lecture on the importance of the spencer's evolutionary conception of the cosmos"</p>

<p>Good advice: Whenever you feel like making new friends, wear a Japanese gi, identify someone with the words "Aya! Bonsai! Yatta! Arigatou!" or any other Japanese you know and then spring toward them with a flying whirlwind kick. If they dodge/intercept your attack, then complement them on their skill, bow and ask for training. If you successfully knock them down, then scoff at their abillities and tell them that because you respect them, you will do them a favor by teaching them a lesson. Then bow and attack relelentlessly. Afterwards you will find that you have developed a curious bond with the person you have challenged. This is a sure way to meet new friends. I learned this pillar of wisdom from watching Martial Arts movies, Anime, and studying Street Fighter fandom.</p>

<p>Maybe I should just gather energy from nature and unleash a spirit bomb at them. If they can reflect my spirit bomb then there heart and soul are pure, allowing them to become a companion with which I will form a bond. If they cannot reflect my spirit bomb then they are evil and wicked and they will become another notch to add to my notch keeper. Note: I make a notch on my notch keeper for all those who have been vaporized by my spirit bomb.</p>

<p>Ha HA. this is pretty funny. </p>

<p>let's keep this going. anyone have creative idea on what to do when meeting someone?</p>

<p>charizard, how about pretending to be yu gi oh and saying stuff like " IT'S TIME TO DUEL" then u play a drammatic music from a stereo. "believe in the heart of the cards!!!!"</p>