What do you like to wear?

<p>I've noticed since I've signed up that this Forum is full of bright people, this isn't Tyrone who doesn't know what 8 times 8 is and is always asking if he is passing, or Stacy who doesn't know who the president of the US is.
So I've concluded that we're all nerds :), BUT contrary to popular belief, nerds aren't people who dress with a button up collared shirt with a pocket protector tucked in with a belt...flooding...and glasses...an braces...
now some people have one or two of these, but its not your fault...assuming it's the glasses and braces...LOL
but a nerd is someone who is just obsessive over their grades, and put grades as one of many top priorities.
But anyways, even if you aren't a nerd (which I guess some of you aren't according to my definition, a good chunk of y'all are and won't admit it) I'm curious to know what 'nerds' wear...
what style do you tend to LEAN towards?
are you in love with American Eagle or Hollister?
Do you just not care and dress with some comfy shorts and a t-shirt
Do you like Hot Topic?
Do you like ecko and Baby phat?
do you like basketball pants and a Jersey?
do you mix it up a little? have a little of each? or a mix of the 2?...or do you dress like the stereotypical nerd does?
do you lean towards(or 'are you') a preppy style? a 'gangster' style?
Are you a sneaker head, going after a new pair of shoes all the time? or are you ok with Dr. Scholls from wal-mart?</p>

<p>I lean towards the 'gangster' style, but I hate using that word cause I'm not all out...and if you were to see me you wouldn't think gangster...I think...
I hate Hollister and the works...although most of my friends love it...I like to sag my pant a little, not to an extreme to where my belt is half way to my knees, and I like baggy stuff...I am also a sneakerhead, I am always up for a new pair of Nike Air force 1s, Footlocker and Finishline are some of my favorite mall stores...but I'm not too crazy over Jordans...I like the Lebron Series and the AFs of course...but if people call me 'gangster' I always tell them I'm not, i lean towards the style...and I talk the slang sometimes, but I talk 'white' most of the time according many of the 'real gangsters'</p>


<p>I see what you did there with the names. Don't discriminate man. I wear a t-shirt with jeans and a sweatshirt with some nice Jordans. In order to do my best at school I have to keep it "fresh."</p>

<p>Usually an oversized t-shirt with a witty picture/phrase and sweatpants. They complement my acne.</p>


<p>I hear ya aman</p>

<p>Lmao Duper, I think that's becoming more the "norm" w\ith "geek dress". </p>

<p>Uh... I guess you would classify me as "goth" or "punk". I wear Tripps, band tees, and then just regular jeans and generally overall tight black clothes. It throws people off when they talk to me thinking I'm a depressed, angst-filled teenager or a stupid skater and they realize I have a brain. =]. Meh.</p>

<p>Oh and I own a total of 5 pairs of shoes: 1 pair of airwalks, 2 different pairs of basketball shoes, heels and sandals. I buy a new pair of tennis shoes every year but I only wear shoes in winter. (I hate shoes.)</p>

<p>I wear a lot of Express, even though it's a bit expensive for my tastes. I wear some Hot Topic, sometimes pieces from Macy's, and sometimes dressy shirts from Rue 21. My fashion sense is pretty eclectic itself, so my entire wardrobe kind of matches. But generally, I just wear a t-shirt and jeans (ones that actually fit and don't show my boxers.)</p>

<p>I tend to wear a bunch of sports (baseball, football, basketball, hockey, even cricket) jerseys with jeans most of the time. I'm just too big of a sports fan to not support a team every day...</p>

<p>go nude rights jkjk</p>

<p>Sweaters and pants.</p>

<p>I wear cargo pants, quiksilver shirts, and glasses (lol). Unfortunately basically the only company that makes wide sneakers is New Balance so I'm stuck wearing basically the same types of shoes my entire life. UGH.</p>

<p>T-shirt/sweater and jeans with sneakers or flip flops. I personally can't be bothered to spend more than fifteen minutes on my appearance for a regular school day.</p>

<p>Usually a polo or a T-shirt, a sweatshirt for chilly weather and either jeans or shorts. I don't remember the last time I wore shoes to school, I always go in flip-flops just easier. My school is relatively preppy with a lot of school spirit (A lot of people wear club-related, sport-related, or school-related clothing).</p>

<p>I really like fashion despite being a "nerd" (I guess).
I like to mix and match bottoms and tops so that I can get a lot of use out of a couple of pieces. I love my skinny jeans. I usually wear my denim ones with tunics and a sweater, and I have a pair of really awesome black skinny pants. I mix and match kind of plain colored tops (camis, shirts, and sweater) to get neat color combinations. I also like wearing bright dresses with black tights and flats. For shoes, I wear Converse or ballet flats (I have accumulated many, many pairs... my favorites are red pointed-toe ones and copper ones).
I usually buy from Forever 21, Gap, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. Urban Outfitters has nice things on sale, and I search eBay for cheaper Anthropologie and Free People clothes.
I don't really know how to describe my style- I guess "European" (errr, that's what I've been told, anyway). I like looking pulled together and sophisticated, but I'm also really cheap and refuse to pay more than $25 for a shirt. Ha, ha.</p>

<p>clothes that i don't need to change to go to practice.. like i'll wear shorts under my pj pants that i wear to class then take the off and go to practice, laziness ftw</p>

<p>a lot of sports shirts and bottoms</p>

<p>I keep it fresh.</p>

<p>Spotless white shoes or black Nike slides.
T-shirt/polo some a little big some not.
Nice jeans.
A clean edge.</p>

<p>I used to do the whole air force and basketball shoe thing in middle school, but now I keep it fresh and classy.</p>

<p>3x a week ill wear a lacoste/burberry polo with jeans and sandals, and the other days either a tshirt with shorts or jeans or a button down or something. i generally always wear sandals though. i guess thats pretty preppy</p>

<p>I really believe in first impressions and in expressing myself through my appearance, so I think about clothing a lot. I don't follow fashion trends, though.</p>

<p>I like faded jeans that fit well. I like bright colors, but only on tops. I like layering. I like silver jewelry. I like to experiment with really bright, contrasting colors layered over each other with big, silver jewelry on top. I like long, flirty skirts in summer. I like high-heeled sandals. I....</p>

<p>I'm going to stop :]</p>

<p>Jeans and tiny little spaghetti straps that show off my bellybutton ring. Usually sneakers or sometimes flip-flops. I'm really cheap; I get all my stuff at thrift stores, but I wear American Eagle jeans (only $4 from Salvation Army, baby!) I could care less if my jeans are a little dirty, and my sneakers are flat-out filthy. Whatever! I'm not gonna spend 15 minutes scrubbing my shoes when I run in them after school! I don't especially care about my clothes. I have friends already, I don't feel the need to impress anyone, and as long as I show a little skin I can always get a boyfriend. Hehe I'm a tomboy anyway :)</p>

<p>I tend to wear practically the same thing everyday with little variation.</p>

<p>T-Shirt -- Jeans -- Pumas/Flip-Flops</p>

<p>T-Shirts: nerdy stuff, witty phrases, random robotics shirts, and then just loads of plain stuff</p>

<p>I have had 3 pairs of the same exact black Puma Liga's, but the get run down really fast, so I bought a pair of Adidas basketball shoes and their really comfy now</p>

<p>generic T-shirt, cargo pants, slippers</p>

<p>I have worn shoes once in the past 10 years (to go hiking)</p>