What do you think about my schdule ?

<p>Freshman Year
College-Prep level Algebra I
College Prep Envorinmental Science
College Prep Freshman English
College Prep World History</p>

<p>Sophmore Year
Advanced Geometery
Advanced English
College Prep Bio
Advanced US History II
Advanced Latin I</p>

<p>Junoir Year
Advanced Algebra II
AP English language and Compostion
College Prep Chem
Advanced Latin II</p>

<p>Senoir Year
AP Calculus
AP European History
AP English
AP Physics
Advanced Latin III</p>

<p>What do you guys think of it? Do you think theirs anything I should change or add? Any help would be greatly apreciated (also, all those classes are the highest i can go up to besides Freshman year, for those classes they go up to Advanced, cant take those classes because of a long story) And thanks in advanced!</p>

<p>Uh, you just jumped from alg 2 to AP calc. I don't think schools even allow that. Or maybe that's just at my school.</p>

<p>Are you not in high school yet, planning out your high school classes?</p>

<p>That looks pretty good to me (somewhat similar to the classes I took). I don't know what kind of level "college prep" is, but your first three years are solid. The only thing I'd warn you about is being set on certain APs - take APs only if you're interested in them, not because you think you have to or something, and be prepared for changes in the way you think and the things you like by the time you're a senior. You might decide you don't want to take one of those APs, and that's okay. Just be flexible - but keeping a plan in mind is a good idea. :]</p>

<p>(EDIT: Yeah, Algebra 2 to Calc is a pretty big jump - you can't take a pre-calc or some variation on an elementary functions class in between?)</p>

<p>the only problem is your math...I suggest you take algebra one, geometry, or algebra 2 over the summer or online and take precalc junior year.....it would help......I warn you about AP Physics also......I would probably take AP bio instead unless you want to be an engineer.....AP USH is supposively the lowest rate of passes APs or something like that but you'll take a USH class sophmore year so I think you'll be fine.....the one more problem is that you have only 3 years of Latin.......I suggest (as well do many colleges) to take a language all 4 years....overall I think that you will do fine</p>

<p>I know, but for personal reasons I couldnt' start with Latin I first year that's why. Also, Forget I'm a freshman currently. I'd like to go for top schools such as HYP, I want to be a lawyer. But anyways, What do you thinks i should do, I can take College prep Algebra II for half a year junoir year, then the other half of the year take Advanced Precal, then take AP CAL AB in senoir year, or do you thinks i should just take Algebra II Advanced for the full year, and skip Precal and go straight to AP cal?</p>

<p>I would definitely take geometry, pre-calc, and stats. Not only do they help you in college admissions but they will also help you on the SATs.</p>

<p>In my opinion, which may go against many here, you shouldn't try to aim for HYP undergraduate if you want to be a lawyer. Go to one of those for law school, and work instead on having a solid resume after your undergraduate studies. Why not aim for one of the "second tier" but really good schools for undergraduate? </p>

<p>And stats would be more useful to you than AP Calc. Easier to if you go straight out of Algebra 2.</p>

<p>Your schedule looks good to me. But maybe you could jump straight into precalc instead of advanced algebra 2. Algebra 2 is VERY similar to Precalc, except precalc is a bit more complex and contains trig.</p>

<p>HYPS aren't everything. There are plenty of schools out there that have better programs, rather than just a well-known "name".</p>

<p>I dont know yet guys, i might pick up one more AP online though for JUnoir and Senoir year, since my school only has five peroids a day</p>

<p>Your plan for school looks pretty solid. the only thing that I would change would be Latin. I think that if you could you must get four years of a language. If you are planning so far ahead you should know that having four years of a language is a plus. The other things is AP Physics. Is it AP Physics B or C, I would assume B because it would be your first year of physics. Then finally, I had a very similar math layout. I went from Algebra to Geometry to Algebra II to AP Calc BC, and I did nothing special to get into those classes. Remember that when you are taking into account your schedule to remember that some science classes and AP classes can be two periods.</p>

<p>i dont agree with the AP Physics at all!....most peopel at my school are getting Bs or Cs in AP Physics B</p>

<p>It's like a normal schedule.</p>

<p>Your schedule's pretty good -- six APs seems pretty rigorous given you only have five classes a day, and most students only take one or two APs, if any. It'd probably be nicer if you'd taken five classes freshman year, though.</p>

<p>This guy wants to go to Yale...also why are there virtually no APs for 3 years, it's a virtually normal schedule.</p>

<p>No, he has AP's planned out for two years out of four. Middle schools don't offer AP's.</p>

<p>2 APs Junior year...Junior year is meant to be the peak of anyone's High school career.</p>

<p>it looks fine
dang u people think that jumping from alg2 to ap calc is crazy? tons of people do that at my school and they still get A's in ap calc</p>

<p>Masterus, this is what you said:</p>

why are there virtually no APs for 3 years


<p>He is going to take APs in junior and senior year, which is two years out of four years of high school. So you are wrong saying he wasn't taking any for 3 years. And there is nothing wrong with 2 APs junior year. Many students don't take any APs junior year.</p>

<p>I said Virtually...2 APs is virtually no APs because it's JUNIOR year.</p>

<p>ummm...i've said this before on other threads...</p>

<p>does your school reguire any EC classes? At my school, we have to have a fine art, vocational, and PE credit to graduate. All of these schedules seem WAY academic. I think that it would be good to be interested in other things besides academic classes...and don't get me wrong, by the end of this year (SR), I will have taken 7 AP classes, but also 3 years of photography and 2 years of photojournalism.</p>