What do you think about taking these classes a year apart from one another?

<p>I am considering taking both Physics 1 and 2 at a junior college. Problem is that I would be taking Physics 1 and Physics 2 a year apart from one another. I would take Physics 1 this summer and Physics 2 next summer. My question is will this big of a time gap affect retaining the knowledge I learn from Physics 1 and be vastly harder remembering it so that I can apply it to Physics 2 the following summer. </p>

<p>Note: I know some of you may ask why I'm not taking it at my university instead. I have my personal reasons for that. Plus, it's not on the DAT to get into dental school.</p>

<p>I think that would be fine. You could always review before you take E&M if need be. It would even be an advantage in the sense that you could take multivariate calc and differential equations in the two semesters between, which will make E&M easier. I believe you just need calc 1 for mechanics.</p>