What do you use to put your hair up that is cute and easy?

I have not had a hair cut in nearly six months, and my hair is now long enough to have a decent pony tail or put up. I haven’t had hair long enough to be very versatile in probably 20 years. It’s not super long, so I can’t do anything elaborate really (not that I would have the skills to anyway). I have a decent amount of hair, but it is pretty fine.

Looking for ideas for accessories or ways to put my hair up that are more interesting than a “chip clip.” I keep seeing adds for these Pony-O products in my FB feed - probably because I made the error of clicking on an ad ONCE. Has anyone used those? I don’t think my hair is long enough for their bun contraption, but I am not sure.

Can’t seem to edit the above? *ads, not adDs

I bought a Pony O a few weeks ago. I have a lot of thick, coarse hair. I like it, but am unsure how long it will maintain integrity. It’s a soft metal (copper?) covered with silicone and comes in two widths and many colors. I read a few reviews about the metal interior piece breaking.

I decided to try it because it claimed to not pull your hair or cause that pain you get from a tight ponytail. Both have been true for me- no pulling, and my head does not hurt after I remove it. It also stays in place. So far, I have worn it every day for two weeks. I’m considering the bun thing since my hair is pretty long now.

@Hoggirl I am right there with you. No haircut since January! I use the thinner Slip silk hair ties. I get them from Nordstrom and a package of six is $39. I can put my hair in a tight ponytail for the day and it never hurts. I also think the silk ties are better on my hair.

I use tie dyed elastics I buy from a young female business owner I follow on Instagram. She also sells wire tied headbands In beautiful fabrics. I haven’t bought them but she also has brass horseshoe hair accessories. My next order will be her silk hair ties. If anyone is interested I can give you the business name.

I had been using hair clips and scrunchies but always felt a bit more pulling than I liked. I just got a long French barrette and am very happy with how it works. It holds the hair together and lifts it off my neck, and isn’t too uncomfortable to lean against. I had a long flat barrette but it had trouble holding all my hair.

Caravan French Hump Barrette Tortoise Shell https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0014JRRFC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_mZQpFbXTAFPXH

Enthusiastically seconding the Slip silk hair ties. They stay in really well but but don’t leave a fold in my hair. Come in different sizes (I’ve had good luck with all of them and vary only due to the look I want), delicious colors including an adorable animal print.

I don’t have enough of it to be easy, and it’s definitely not cute.

I bought the pony o, but my hair is so many layers that’s it’s this really tiny pony, and looks ridiculous. So, I just pull it all up for a top knot. I have a fake bun thing from Christie Brinkley I use with it if I want it fuller. I also ordered the Christie Brinkley pony that I love, love when it matches my hair, when my hair is faded it’s perfect, as soon as I get my touch up, it’s not. They don’t make one in a super super dark brown.

Here’s the link, she has great products. Once, I was wearing the pony and had ends pulled our in front. I was sitting at an outdoor bar and this gal with really long hair was staring at it. She was wearing a ponytail. I went to the bathroom and came out and she had tried to pull hers up the same…but it didn’t look like Mine …snicker…

it’s called Hair2awear…she has lots of videos about it. The best one was on HSN.

I’m so boring! I have a hiking carabiner with a ton of regular old elastic hair ties. The most exciting part is they are arranged by color. You have me thinking I may need to try something new!

Thanks, y’all! I will look at the slip silk hair ties.

The PonyO intrigues me, but I don’t have a ton of hair. It really seems like a better product for those with lots of hair, though they claim it makes thin hair have a fluffier pony tail.

@conmama - those are interesting but not really what I had in mind - seems like they would be heavy??

Not trying to hijack but looking for clarification. Those of you who use the silk hair ties - does the elastic in them get stretched out and can you use them in damp hair (I know water can stain silk). They seem a bit pricey if you have to replace them often.

@helpingmom40 Yes, they can stretch out. I haven’t used them wet. I wear mine daily (pretty thick, shoulder length hair) and get a couple months use out of each one, so a multipack lasts me over a year.

@coolguy40 Bet you’d change your mind about cute if you tried that animal print!

I have thick hair and I hated getting the bands tangled in my hair. I tried all kinds of bands over the years. A few years ago, my daughter bought me bands called Invisibobbles (they look like telephone cords). I love them. My hair doesn’t get tangled and they don’t fall out easily. You can get them in lots of colors on Amazon.

I have a set of old fat scrunchies (no idea what brand) that almost never get caught. I do like the French barrette as a change, especially by evening when my head is tired of the slight tension caused by pulling my hair to one spot.

How about barrettes/something for thin, fine hair? I’ve been growing out my bangs, and it’s still hard to keep hair out of my eyes even though the old bangs have gotten fairly long.

Side bar: Anyone have white or grey hair? I rarely find products for controlling grey hair (barrettes, combs, etc). They sometimes come in packages with black, brown, and blonde items, and I have to discard 80% of them.

My hair is much too thin to wear a pony tail unfortunately. And it breaks too easily, so while it is long enough to put up, there’s not much left after bunching, and it looks silly. When hot, I will still wear it up at home or on walks, and hide with a hat.

My very fine thin hair is growing out (I’ve been cutting the bangs) but it’s in that awkward stage where it’s really too short to be put up. (Not to mention that one reason I’ve been wearing it short all these years is that I’m bad at hair styling!) But one advantage of appearing mostly online is that no one can see my teeny-weeny ponytail held up by hair clips as long as I stare straight into the camera. Now if I could just remember to brush it out when I leave for my nightly walk around the block…

I’m just glad to hear there are others who haven’t gone to salons since COVID. Many around me are sporting clearly recently cut and colored hair, and I am so tired of “COVID hair.” I have no suggestions for how to make it look better though - sorry.