What does it mean if I randomly get bruises for no reason?

<p>I keep assuming I've hurt myself and forgotten about it, but I might be getting bruises in places I haven't hurt myself, so I am a bit confused.</p>


<p>you may have a vitamin deficiency.
Vitamin</a> C (Ascorbic acid)</p>

<p>It could be nothing (vitamin deficiency) or it could be serious - I would ask a doctor about it.</p>

<p>You could have ITP or cancer, if they are black and you would have other signs too.</p>

<p>Thank you, I guess I will start taking vitamins. I'm a vegetarian so I should be extra concerned about this but I've been kind of lazy.</p>

<p>Your blood platelets might be low, which could be the sign of a serious blood disorder like leukemia. Get it checked out by a doctor.</p>

<p>Most likely it's an anemia. In had the same problem. Hownold are you?</p>

<p>I got myself on a vitamin regimen, adding in vitiam d, e, b12, and C and arnica....arnica is amazing for bruises, you can take a pill as well as a cream to put on the bruises, makes them disappear faster and don't get as bad. At healt foodnstore.</p>

<p>Don't freak out about cancers or anything. First look at your diet, and make sure you are getting your minerals, etc. Seems lack of zinc can contribute to bruises.</p>

<p>Again, arnica is awesome.</p>

<p>I was seeing bruises and also not remembering big bangs into things. So I started paying extra attention and if I even lightly bumped a drawer I noted to myself and checked to see if a bruise showed up. They often did. Once I paid more attention to my diet and supplements, the bruises have been very infrequent. Seeing a doctor is fine, but also try the simple solutions as well and dont get all worried.</p>

<p>Some people bruise easily - I am one of them. In fact, it runs in the family: my mother is the same way, so is my son. The slightest bump leaves a purple mark.</p>

<p>If this is something new, go to the doctor.</p>

<p>Like Katliamom, I've always bruised very easily. It's called 'easy bruising syndrome'. The slightest bump..... It's really a result of having thin, fair skin. But you should get it checked out. I've been tested for platelet disorders several times.</p>

<p>I've noticed over the years, certain activities like moving boxes and furniture will increase my level of bruises. A lot of the time I can't remember bumping into anything. My doctor once told me, after I complained I must be clumsy, that everyone bumps in to stuff and doesn't remember it. The difference is most people don't bruise that easily and therefore don't think twice about it.</p>

<p>It means you need to make a doctor's appointment. Most likely it is nothing serious, but there is a possibility that you might have a condition that needs to be treated so that it won't get worse, such as anemia.</p>

<p>When you have a new symptom that is troubling enough to make you seek advice from a message board of strangers, and you are told it could be anything from trivial to serious, you don't take vitamins--you call your doctor. Today.</p>

<p>Depends. Are the bruises on your arms, shins...places that would bump into things? Bruises on places like your back, chest, abdomen are much more alarming. You may have a low platelet count, be slightly anemic. Do your gums bleed a lot when you brush your teeth? Sometimes acute viral illnesses, like a flu or mono, can cause temporary bone marrow suppression. Don't get too worried but make an appt. with your physician and they will start by getting a cbc.</p>


<p>You seem to be posting various medical questions on this board. It makes no sense to make medical decisions based on random people on a board like this so make sure you go see a doc rather than rely on responses from people here (regardless of whether some of the people are quite knowledgeable on many topics).</p>

<p>immediately. Next business day, please. Thank you.</p>

<p>the ks.</p>

<p>I agree that you should check with a doctor but don't worry too much. I have always bruised super easily and almost always have at least one or two. Like MomLive, if I do something like moving furniture (most recently, helping my D move into an apt.) I am covered with bruises. I also look battered when I get back from a trip as I invariably bash myself with a suitcase somehow. Last week my friend had to hold my ankles while I did crunches in an exercise class and I knew as she grabbed me that I'd have bruises afterward. I have mentioned it to doctors and nobody seems to be alarmed. I have cousins who have hemophilia and I've always wondered if that is somehow related.</p>

<p>Do you ever take aspirin? I used to bruise easily, but at that point in life, used an occasional aspirin for pain relief. Never take aspirin these days, no unusual bruising. </p>

<p>Still, checking it out with a doctor covers all angles.</p>

<p>I agree with the advice to have it checked out by a medical professional.</p>

<p>A few years ago D's legs started turning purple. She is very, very fair. She figured they were bruises and she just wasn't remembering bumping into things. She was a dancer, and they became pretty noticeable. She asked the doctor about them whenever she was in for an appointment, and was just told that she was very fair so bruises would be more noticeable.</p>

<p>They seemed to be getting worse. She finally got on the internet, and discovered that discoloration was a side effect of the acne medication she was taking. She called the doctor's office to discuss. She got them to change her medication, and her legs gradually stopped being purple. </p>

<p>She was in HS and under 18 when this took place - she was a little disturbed that she had to figure this out on her own.</p>

<p>she was a little disturbed that she had to figure this out on her own.</p>

<p>I would be too. What really irritates me, is when the Dr doesn't have an answer, but pooh poohs reasonable paths to explore because they were presented by the patient.</p>

<p>For example I have osteoporosis despite being active, healthy & premenopausal ( & relatively young)- Dr just said" oh- the cause must have happened long ago & corrected itself" wasn't interested in finding out possible absorption issues which could be ongoing.</p>

<p>You really have to be your own advocate.</p>

<p>I have always bruised easily, find that extra Vitamin C makes a huge difference. (A nutritionist friend also recommends Vitamin K.) A friend who is a hematologist observed that my blood vessels are close to the skin, so they are more easily damaged. Get yourself checked by a doctor. Good luck.</p>