What does it take to win your support--cough vote cough

<p>Title says it all.</p>

<p>What makes officer candidates stand out to you? How did they sway your vote? (Friends, bribes, and empty political promises aside...) </p>

<p>Feel free to share your experiences or offer your advice when running for leadership positions.</p>

<p>If I'm friends with them or know them well enough.</p>

<p>If they're hot.</p>

<p>Bribes too, I guess.</p>

<p>Speaking eloquently is good, and would always do it for me. But then again, that was Debate. And Latin, but my opponent said I was better in that one. Just seem confident and pitch it like you're the most qualified and would do the best possible job in that position.</p>

<p>my school ASB is garbage, just a bunch of guys and sluts who party and smoke weed every weekend</p>

<p>I honestly just choose the hottest girl up there unless there is a close friend running.</p>

<p>I choose people who I like... or dislike the least.</p>

<p>People who are jerks get off my list and I won't vote for them period.</p>

<p>I don't consider friends in elections. I go for the person who best spoke their ideas, spoke well, and in personal interviews showed me they were the best candidates for the job. Even if it I was bribed with candy and like 8 peppermints. The elections had all of my friends in it, so that idea is done.</p>

<p>For clubs at my school when people run for an officer position, I don't care whose speech is better or who looks like they will help the organization more, I have my mind made up before the speeches. Yes it is a popularity contest and if I kind of know someone or they are my friend then they have my vote.</p>

<p>franticpizza pretty much summed it up:
hot + friends + bribes = vote</p>

<p>"If you vote for me, I'll flash you. Bring a friend!" JK ;)</p>

<p>What are you running for? At the HS I graduated from, ASB is Homecoming Court - Round 2. Club office elections depend on what you've done for the club and who's friends with you. Anything else is a crapshot, like college admissions. Haha</p>

<p>People who seem relatively nice, confident, and intelligent will get my vote. If the candidate is my friend, I will probably vote for them. </p>

<p>In the sixth grade I ran for student senate and won. All I had to do was tell the class I would be an excellent senator because I would take all of their ideas into consideration and bring them up during student council meetings. The colorful posters and the fact that I was the only one in the class with a clue about politics helped.</p>

<p>I like if their campaign seems genuine and creative. A typical butcher paper-glitter-and-paint poster won't catch my attention, but a quirky poster might. At my school, the ASB candidates have televised speeches (and for the most part the speeches could not be duller if they tried). This is assuming that I don't know any of the candidates well...obviously it's a popularity contest in the end and I will vote for the person who's been nicer to me.</p>

I like if their campaign seems genuine and creative


That's the thing. Nobody's campaign is genuine or creative. It's all the same ********. :P</p>

<p>You mean like student government? </p>

<p>The only person I remember actually trying to pay attention to their name was someone who gave me a doughnut and told me to vote for them. I liked the doughnut, so I voted for him.</p>

<p>That was my freshman year of high school. I think my other years I just didn't go to the assembly, or I was a jackass and filled out every bubble.</p>

<p>I've been class president for two years and hopefully I'll keep the title for the rest of my high school career too.
What makes me different is I'm nice to the outcasts and people who get deemed "weird" Everyone needs to be talked to, so I don't judge people at all.
In addition, all the other presidential candidates come from rich parents and have no problem flaunting their wealth everywhere. I am your average down to earth middle-class girl.</p>

<p>I think that's what sets me apart. When I vote for other people for homecoming or something I generally go by who has done the most with their high school career and/or who has the coolest video promo.</p>

<p>Thanks for your input, although some of them are less than motivating...</p>

<p>I mean, donut bribes? Well I can't compete with that :)</p>

<p>Just be natural. People can see through fake cheeriness (ugh), but genuine interest in people will really pull you through. Most of the ASB candidates at my school are all plastic smiles and political rhetoric. If you can separate yourself as someone <em>real</em>, I think you'd have a good shot anywhere.</p>

<p>Voting is kind of a hassle at our school. You have to go to the ASB room during lunch, which is silly, and there's always too many people there. </p>

<p>So, basically, whoever wins ASB president, Class president, etc. usually gives out cupcakes/knows a lot of people.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the resplies, everyone. I will bear your points in mind for future reference.</p>

<p>resplies = responses + replies? Okay, I can go with that :]</p>

<p>To add to my original post, you can PM me for specific advice. I currently hold a state office for one of my activities (and some other positions of less significance) so I hope I can help you if you have further questions.</p>