what ever happened to...

<p>hey, who do you guys miss from CC that you never see post anymore? I've still got some catch-up reading to do, but I haven't seen anything from tongos or geniusash yet - two CCers i thoroughly enjoyed...how about the rest of you?</p>

<p>Tri_Fm, Macsuile, MysticWistful, Stanfordman, Deferreddude (those last two only when they were drooling over how prestigious Stanford is)</p>

<p>Good riddance is all I can say to Tri_Fm</p>

<p>what happened to Hunter1985?</p>

<p>legendofmax, too... i wonder if people just have new names...i know i had to change mine...</p>

<p>what were you before? </p>

<p>I miss Magoo from those summer days...sighh And yes, geniushash and idiias as well. </p>

<p>Legendofmax is still here (he's mostly in the princeton forum now)</p>

<p>I am still here</p>

<p>Magoo and all the people from the asian threads in June/July</p>

<p>The asian fetish thread I meant, good times</p>

<p>omg i just reread that...(yes sad) but those were some good times
everything was better in the summer</p>

<p>What was your original user name, usnareject?</p>

<p>ilcapo got banned</p>

<p>zante... - i was ilovefood before...havent been on in a few months...then when i tried to work this new forum-dillio, my technological illiteracy kept me from signing in so i gave up and took this name instead, since shrader is my name and all...</p>

<p>that's a cool name.</p>

<p>legendofmax, where do u go to school now?</p>

<p>hey zanted, it's me crazylicious</p>

<p>Heyy! My west-coast asian sister! How've you been?</p>

<p>(Legendofmax is a senior in HS, so, same school...oregon haha pffttt)</p>

<p>Hello again, crazylicious! I live in Oregon, yeah. Yay for the trees...</p>

<p>You know, my studies of biology tell me that you live in a temperate coniferous forest...and only then did I notice that all the trees around you ARE pines and spruces and evergreen stuff.</p>

<p>I just call them leafy green things but that's cool too</p>

<p>(you're not going to try to pretend to be dumb now are you...::cough:: four point)</p>