Farewell to CC!

Guys, time has come for me to move on and today is my last day with College Confidential. @CCadmin_Jon will continue as the Community Manager, so please reach out to him if anything.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to manage this great community and I want to THANK everyone for the great support. This account will be deactivated shortly, but I’ll log in from time to time on my regular user account (i.e. @SMoody).

Wishing you all the best! Take care,



Best of luck in your future endeavors! I guess now I get to use one of my favorite literary lines: “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!”


You will be missed! Thank you for all your work over the years! Best of luck to you!

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Thanks for al you have done for CC. You will be missed

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Best of luck in your new endeavors.

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Thanks for everything you have done for CC. Good luck in your next adventure!

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Thank you for all you have done. I hope a wonderful new opportunity has come your way.

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Best wishes to you. Thank you !

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Working with Sorin has been a bright spot in my 2020. He’s been around for years and knows so much about how College Confidential works, its history and its personalities. I’ve relied on him since my first day and he’s stopped me before I made several embarrassing mistakes. I will miss his expertise tremendously.

If you only know Sorin from the site, you might not know what a wonderful person he is to talk to. We’ve met at least once a week (often more often) in the last year. It’s starting to dawn on me that we won’t have our regular meeting tomorrow morning. :cry: Having someone around to bounce ideas off of has been incredibly valuable for me.

Many of the initiatives we’ve seen on the site last year (student of the week, AMAs, webinars, inviting authors to participate and so on) have been lead by Sorin. He’s branched out into marketing and even a bit of business development. It’s possible to settle into a role that you’ve been doing for 8+ years, but that’s not how Sorin functions.

Being a community manager can be lonely sometimes. Our responsibility is to be the voice of the community to the company and the other way around. Sorin did this job on his own for years with several changes in ownership. When I started, I read some of responses he wrote to unwelcome changes. I’m impressed with his patience and perseverance. It’s my good fortune to be the beneficiary of his hard work. The job is bound to be more difficult without his presence, but he laid a solid foundation.

It’s been a real joy to have had a comrade the last year. I’m glad you’ll still be on the site occasionally and I look forward to, hopefully, partnering again with you in the future, @CCadmin_Sorin. Thanks for everything.


Sending my best wishes from here. While I definitely can’t say I knew you, I definitely grew to love and appreciate CC, even with all the changes my brain had to get used to. Thank you for helping provide the site, and again, best wishes for your future!


You will be missed Sorin! Thank you for all you did.