Hi, my name is Mike and I'll be leading the Community team at CC

For those of you that have been around for a while, you may have seen me poke my head in every once in a while, especially when technical issues crop up. Well, my role has expanded now and I’ll be leading our community team at CC from now on. Our previous beloved community manager, Jon, has moved on to his next adventure, but he leaves our community in a great place (and also leaves me with some really big shoes to fill!)

A little background on me: I’m a UCLA grad (GO BRUINS!), am a dad of teenagers who are entering the college process in the next few years, and have been leading strategy for the technical teams for the last couple years on CC. On a personal level, I love basketball a little too much, have a really big soft spot for cats, and am a total technical geek. (Great - the cats comment probably just turned 50% of you against me :rofl:).

I’ll be working with our fabulous moderators and forum champions to help maintain and grow the community on CC. My role with be primarily strategic as we seek to provide the best place for college admissions information and discussion on the internet. I will be a bit less day-to-day than previous folks, but will work with our team here to make sure that all the administrative stuff gets completed.

I’m really excited for this expanded role and increased visibility with all of you. I promise to do my best to support our fantastic community and look forward to being with you in the forums!



Can’t wait to work with you @CCAdminMike and @Gumbymom as we continue to build the UC System forums.


Welcome…and thank you to @CCadmin_Jon .

One thing that was notable in the last forum update was how quickly you admin folks responded to questions and issues with the site. Please, please have someone who will be handling that job as it really makes a difference, in my opinion.


Thanks for the update. Jon wasn’t here for very long. Did Sorin have that responsibility before him?

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Nice to “meet” you. Your comment regarding cats has me 100% onboard. :wink:

That and how responsive y’all have been since the latest updates, plus the great group of folks who are here sharing info of all sorts.


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Very Happy to meet you and looking forward to collaborating with the wonderful Moderators and Forum Champions on CC.

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Nope, I’m a crazy cat lady so I like you even more now! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::cat2:

But…my family are Trojans, so maybe I’ll diss you for that.:laughing:

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That’s correct. CC has changed hands a few times over the years, but the community responsibility has been pretty consistent between Sorin and Jon.

If even Bruins and Trojans can put aside their differences in this community, I would say that we have something pretty good going on here. :laughing:


Sorin was here for a long time, and was very helpful. So was Lenitus. Is lenitus still here?

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I have not heard the name Lenitus, but sounds like they were a great asset to CC!

He was indeed. As were all the Community .Managers with whom I have worked.


Did the pet projects survive of the Community Managers who have left? I’m thinking of the AMA threads, the parent podcasts, and the special section for African Americans that Jon wanted the CC community to develop.

Welcome! Cat person here too.

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They are all definitely on the table. I think the main barrier for each of the initiatives is our capacity as a CC team. I would consider them in stasis until we can staff up (or get community leaders to champion it).