What foods & drinks are you craving at the moment?

<p>I'm so gotdamn hungry!</p>

<p>I want some McDonald's Sweet Tea & fries, some Pho with beef flank, cake, CC Lemon (no pun intended), Korean BBQ, and mashed potatoes ughhgghg <em>food orgy</em></p>

<p>i want some in N out burgers(haven't had them since last summer), plus onion rings with a nice cup of pepsi. and ketchup gotta have some ketchup</p>

<p>i want chocolate cake, an ice cream sandwich, and a ginormous frosty & fries from wendy's</p>

<p>All these foods sound so good. T^T I wish i could drive and go out on a midnight food run. <3</p>

<p>A Burrito with Rice, Pinto Beans, Carnitas, Fresh Tomatoes, Red-Chili Hot Sauce, Cheese, Sour Cream, and a little of Guac from CHIPOTLE... =]</p>

<p>@ truffliepuff^ you should. and then send me something off the value menu :)</p>

<p>hahah fshofsho</p>

<p>AGH did someone just say CHIPOTLE?!
lol, did anyone watch that one South Park episode where everyone shat their pants from eating it?</p>

<p>yess i said it lol CHIPOTTTLEEE</p>

<p>i haven't seen that episode!</p>

<p>I had ice cream with ginger snaps at 2 AM bc I suck, so now I'm not hungry.</p>

Pho with beef flank


<p>mmmMMMmmm, so good.</p>

<p>^ teeheehee.
are you asian or non-? :o</p>

<p>^Defo non. Closest I come is having almost moved to Vietnam, but I would have left before I had memories of it, really.</p>

<p>I'm eating Peanut M&M's, but craving pizza.</p>

<p>I've been wanting a fish filet from mcdonalds for at least the past two weeks.</p>

<p>baja fresh.</p>

<p>california roll</p>

<p>definitely sushi and curly fries.</p>

<p>mcdonald's egg mcmuffin & hashbrowns (pls don't judge me hahha :P).</p>


<p>-Vanilla Capuccino</p>

<p>^ You have just named my favorite McDonald's foods.</p>

<p>Chocolate cake.</p>

<p>^^ McDonald's coffees are bomb!</p>

<p>Watermelon and kool-aid.</p>