What happens if you don't get into nursing after enrolling?

My son is a junior in high school, and intends to go to college for nursing. I am just starting to wrap my head around direct-admit, vs. not for nursing majors. I understand that UB does not have direct-admit (except for kids admitted into the honors program).

So, my question is, what do kids do if they don’t get into the nursing program after their sophomore year? Is there still any avenue to get a degree in nursing? What percentage of kids intending to get a degree in nursing actually do?

I have a friend whose daughter went to Brockport for nursing, didn’t get into nursing in her junior year, graduated with a related degree, and then was admitted into nursing at Brockport as a secondary degree. So, the net impact was that she got the nursing degree she wanted, but it took her 5 years instead of 4. Honestly, I could live with that if I knew that up front…i.e. you kid can definitely get a nursing degree in 5 years if he/she is accepted, maintains a certain GPA, and graduates with a related degree. However, it seems crazy if there are kids who get accepted, maintain decent grades, and still aren’t able to get a nursing degree.

Thanks for any information!

Welcome to the crazy world of BSN degrees. You have it all correct. Nursing has become extremely competitive, and it is recommended on this site to apply to numerous direct admit programs in hope of being admitted to at least one. Obviously, you must hope to have your son attend SUNY Buffalo. It’s a lot of pressure for two years before knowing if you will be admitted to nursing. Lots of things can happen in those two years. Entry after sophomore year is crazy-competitive, too. If a student does not gain admission after sophomore year, then the accelerated programs after undergrad are usually 18-24 months. Good luck.