What if i want to go to India to study?

<p>hey there,
I am an UC citizen and i will be a senior this year. my dream is to become a doctor, but becoming a doctor is hard work here. you need to have great SAT scores, high GPA.. Etc. but it also take 13 years and more to become one here. my SAt scores are not so great but i am trying so hard to get a high score i will be taking the next SAT in ocotober. i have an option if i do not get into an UC over here, and that option is to go to india and study medicine there, it only takes five years to become a doctor there, and if i do that i can come back to the US, and study surgery or something higher and i could already be a doctor while students here are still studying. i really dont want to go to study in India, but i am afraid i dont have a chance in the UC's over here. what should i do?</p>

<p>Hey Minty,</p>

<p>Studying medicine here in India takes sufficiently long, too. In 4.5+1 (internship) years, you obtain an MBBS degree. This has to be followed by an MD/MS (3 years) and 2 years if super-specializing. This is excluding the compulsory rural internship that every student who passes out of an Indian MBBS college has to partake.</p>

<p>The hardest part, however, is not how long it takes, but getting into a great medical college to begin with. A lot of colleges do maintain a "foreign" quota. The competition faced in entrance exams though, is tremendously stiff. In terms of numbers, if you may, there are close to 2000 seats (general category) for approximately 5,00,000 kids taking the AIPMT exam.</p>

<p>Hi minty</p>

<p>You can study medicine quicker here primarily because there's no concept of pre-med - you start straight away. But like the previous poster said, it's extraordinarily difficult to get seats in the top colleges here. You might want to consider some of the state run/privately owned colleges as they are relatively easier to get into.</p>

<p>Becoming a doctor is hard work here too :)</p>

<p>Since you said you don't particularly want to come to India, consider the UK - they have the same system there (no premed). Just a thought.</p>

<p>Minty: Substituting UC for US?? EPIC LOL
Are your parents like awake? Do you know that the transition of school systems from one country to another will be massive? I agree with all of the posters above. It is not easy anywhere to get into med schools ...but there are better options than to go to India where you may just not stand much chance. If you are worried of your prospects and dreams...I would advise you to get into some good school in US and study quite hard. If you can't take the heat here...how do you imagine yourself coping in India? For med school here atleast, it doesn't matter what school you go to...you just need to have the grades. You're freaking out for no reason. I also suggest the Carribean unis...but this is an absolute last resort...as their programs are fundamental and accreditation a little weird when considering to go back to US for doc residency.</p>

<p>i agree with all the posts. I know that there will be challenges geting into any college, even in India. I know there is tough competition. well lets just see what happens. Thanks for all your comments:)</p>