What internships can a General Studies Major do?

Hello (I am new here lol)!

I am a General Studies major in college and I have just finished my second semester so far. I am starting to take a look at internships and I don’t know where to go and who to ask in fear that I might get belittled or accosted. I really want to pursue a Human Resources career but want the proper experience to get me to the next level. Any advice is appreciated! Thank You!

Every non-profit organization which is commutable would love to have a free intern for their human resources department. Why would you be belittled for volunteering?

Any organization which hires people has some kind of HR function… probably the easiest way to break in is through a non-profit, since corporations can’t/shouldn’t hire “free” talent.

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Thanks for replying! What I meant by belittling is that because I’m a General Studies major, I haven’t had the most helpful and heartfelt advice. I’ve been told that General Studies and other Liberal Arts degrees don’t do anything for one’s future, especially when it comes to getting a career and for me wanting to be in HR.

At your college, perhaps a ‘General Studies’ major is the same as an ‘undeclared’ major ? Some colleges do identify ‘undeclared’ as general studies. To me, you are a freshman with an undeclared major.

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I’m not so sure because there was an ‘undeclared’ option listed.

I run a big HR team and majored in Classics. I’ve worked for EVP’s of Talent (used to be known as HR) with degrees in history, Renaissance Studies, French Literature, Urban Planning, Poli Sci.

Don’t worry about the nomenclature- take courses that help you write well, think critically and analytically (statistics is super helpful, HR has a lot of analysis) and read, read, read.


Ah! This is so good to know! Thank you! I was starting to think that I made a mistake with the route that I chose.

The math or anything analytical is key. So just make sure you cover off that base!

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