What is a 95.88% weighted GPA on an unweighted 4.0 scale? Is this a bad GPA for competitive schools?

My school sends out a weighted transcript with only weighted grades and a weighted average GPA out o 100%. I’m not quite sure how my GPA compares with those of people from other schools. In the case that a college unweighs and recalculates my GPA, what would it be?

You would have to convert the grades to a 4.0. That was the case at my kids’ high school. For example, if you got a 95 in a class, that would be an A since it’s between 93 and 100, worth 4 points. Do that for all your classes. Say you had 20 As, 10 Bs, and 1 C (a total of 31 classes). The GPA would be (20x4 + 10x3 + 2x2) divided by 31 equals 3.68. Does that make sense?

I wouldn’t waste my time trying to figure it out. Every school does it differently. At my daughter school a 4.0 is any thing between a 90 to 100. Pick a school and you will get a different calculation from each one.

My kids’ school specifies what an A is - 93-100. So if you get a 93, you’d count it as 4 points. A 92 would be 3 points. The calculation should be based on the particular high school.

I recall that some colleges wanted the GPA on the 4.0 scale, so we had to figure it out. It wasn’t an option to not figure it out.