What is it like at boarding school?

<p>So schools like andover exeter sps deerfield hotchikiss are ones that everyone wants to get in to right?
supposedly it will be awesome and wonderful?</p>

<p>but what is it really like at boarding school?
(i know it's still a long way off from when I will actually seriously be worrying over this, but I just wanted to know...)</p>

<p>....? How can anyone possible answer that. I mean different people are going to have different experiences. The way you phrased that. "supposedly it will be awesome and wonderful?" will bring on all the horror stories...."O, I had one friend who almost committed suicide cuz no one at boarding school talked to her"</p>

<p>It is like school. Except 24/7.</p>

<p>Well it's like school, but it's pretty awesome. You live with your friends all the time, so somebody's always there. Once I found my group of friends, I was rarely unhappy at boarding school....and if I was, well I always had my friends there to rant to and make me feel better :) Good times, I miss it.</p>

<p>It's literally been the four best years of my life. There were definitely some hard moments on the way, but as I'm about to leave now, there's absolutely no regret in my decision to attend a boarding school, and I feel extremely grateful towards my parents for such opportunity. BS is a truly rare experience that is drastically different from regular public schools, even private day schools. </p>

<p>But I warn you that it's not always "awesome and wonderful." Please, please I say this for your own sake - don't go in there expecting it to be utopia and everyone to be nice and friendly. I certainly started at my school, thinking "wow, I'm living away from my parents! I'm so cool! It's gonna be so much fun, being with my friends all the time!" Classes will be demanding, sports are intense, and there is A LOT of drama everywhere, especially in dorms, because people run into each other 24/7. You've also gotta follow rules. BS tend to have petty little rules such as lights out, room checks, driving cars, off-campus permissions, and of course substance abuse. Consequently, there is a lot of DC (discipline issues).</p>

<p>But these petty little hardships are nothing compared to what you can gain from the overall experience. It really all depends on how YOU treat it and what yOU make of it. So good luck!</p>

<p>definitely not like the books i.e. It Girl series, Prep novel, Private novels, or the show Zoey 101.</p>

<p>Some people seem to think it's like the books. Partying, lots of fun, breaking rules, money, rich people central. Definitely not, well, at least for the majority prep school students.</p>

<p>Some idiotic person on Yahoo Answers wanted to know if there was any school out there exactly like the show Zoey 101. You guys on YA ever got asked that? Moronic people.</p>

<p>Some people even want to purely go to boarding school just because they thinks it's like the books.</p>

<p>^ hahahaha. Senay, you absolutely cracked me up with your story about Zoey101.</p>

<p>I thought there might be some basis for It girl though as the author based Gossip Girl on her alma matter Nightingale-Bamford...</p>

<p>Cecily von Ziegesar didn't go to boarding school. She went to a private school in NYC.</p>

<p>Gossip Girl is about a private school in NYC.</p>

<p>thinglost, she's talking about It Girl novels</p>

<p>it girl's setting is boarding school. gossip girl is at private day school in the city. cecily went to private day school in the city</p>

<p>No I know that :p but I mean if she had a school she based Gossip Girl on I thought she might've based It Girl on a boarding school in the same way :)</p>

<p>Yeah. I know. maybe.</p>

<p>she never went to boarding school. she's probably leeching off of what everyone thinks boarding school is: a place where there are only rich people, they get sent there by their parents, it's a ticket to the ivy leagues, parents bribed the school to get in, donations of buildings and huge amounts of money, only beautiful people attend, parties, alcohol, freedom, boys, no supervision, no parents....fun</p>

<p>or wat people want: a peek at the good life and how rich people live, or sexual promiscuity, or what teenagers like to read about; parties, boys, freedom, dating, drama</p>

<p>I never read the books... but if she made those assumptions she's wrong for the most part :)</p>

<p>I've read about the gossip girl series in NYTimes. My little girl was crazy about it when she was in middle school, and in fact, she took her "Prep" book to Hotchkiss when she first went away. These are only fantasies that aim to allure young people by giving them vicarious pleasure. Just like any Hollywood movies.</p>

<p>Haha. She liked prep? It made me think twice about applying. :D</p>

<p>i actually like all the books about boarding schools, even if they are fake</p>