What is life like at SMU without being in a sorority?

I’m considering SMU, particularly because of the Sports Management program and its location. I do not really want to join a sorority, but I’ve heard that greek life dominates campus. I like SMU, but I’m afraid that the culture isn’t the best fit for me/ I may not get the most out of my college experience if I don’t rush. I’m visiting at the end of the month, but I would love to get a general idea of the environment before then. I would appreciate any sort of advice!

OP wrote: “I like SMU, but I’m afraid that the culture isn’t the best fit for me…”.

@calisouth: What do you like about SMU besides the Sports Management major ?

Have you found other schools which offer this major ?

@Publisher As silly as it may sound, I want to go to a school that is passionate about athletics, specifically football: school spirit is very important to me (while having a passion for academics at the same time of course!) Additionally, I like the size of SMU, and as I mentioned before, I love the location. The only other school that I applied to that has Sports Management is NC State (I was accepted EA.) But, I am ok with majoring in Economics for undergrad, so going to a school with Sports Management is not necessarily a priority. I applied to 13 schools and have been accepted into 4/5 so far (Santa Clara, SMU, NC State, and Clemson (rejected from UT Austin)), right now I am just weighing my options with the schools I have heard back from. Hope this helps!

It will be a challenge to fit in at SMU if you do not want to participate in Greek life. It is fairly easy to assess whether or not SMU will be a good fit for any particular student.

You will certainly find passion for football at Clemson University.

Consider majoring in economics for undergraduate study and then getting a masters degree in data analytics or in sports management. Of course, it depends upon what you envision as a career in “sports management” as to which areas of study you should pursue.

No bad choices. I’ve always liked NC State. Nice campus, great area, plenty of sports. One of the best stats programs around.

To say SMU is a heavy Greek school is an understatement. It may be the heaviest of all heavy Greek schools. Even though it is a great university in a great city with a gorgeous campus, you may feel invisible when it comes to social/campus life if you are not in a sorority. $75K a year is a lot to pay to feel invisible.